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flash point tester

AFPT Automatic Flash Point Tester

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AFPT Automatic flash point tester is specially design for measurement of the flash point of petroleum products accurately. It is made as the standard of ASTM D93. This tester adopts international advanced technology, LCD touch screen for operation, Integrated software controller, modular structure etc. AFPT has the advantages of high integration, easy operation, convenient installation and maintenance, it is widely applied in It is widely applied in petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, railway etc. The customer can choose open cup method or closed cup method.



1. Newly high rate digital type processing unit, reliable and high precision

2.One host control several testing units for measurement of several samples, saving testing time.

3.Fully automatic testing, open cover, fire, alarm, cooling and printing.

4.Platinum heating cord, gas ignition type.

5.Atmospheric pressure automatic detection, automatic correction of the test results

6.The newly developed high capacity and high-frequency heating technology, high heating efficiency, the adaptive PID control algorithm, automatically adjust the heating curve

7.Automatic temperature detection, stop and alarm

8.Thermal mini-printer makes printing more efficient and more beautiful, offline print function

9.Testing data record with time, can store up to 255 data.

10.With temperature compensation Centennial calendar clock, accurate time, automatically record the date and time of measurement, the power-down state can run more than 10 years

11. 320x240 Large screen graphic LCD display, Full-screen touch-screen buttons, easy and intuitive; Built-in multiple execution standards to choose from.

12. The heating rate meets the national standard, the United States, the European Union standards


Parameter data

the temperature measurement:

Range: room temperature-300

Repeatability: 0.5%

Resolution: 0.1

Accuracy: 0.5%

Temperature sensors:

platinum resistance (PT100)

Flash Sensor:

ion detecting ring

The ambient temperature:


Relative humidity:


 Power supply:

AC220V ± 10%




Host:90X260X285 (mm), Heater: 280X260X285 (mm)


18 kg


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Subject : AFPT Automatic Flash Point Tester

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