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  ACORE can design and produce various capacity of liquid-liquid or liquid-solid blending & mixing blending system, some of the fluids temporarily stored at the tank farm will be made use of for blending operations. Lower-quality, off-spec crude oils may be upgraded to improve their marketability by mixing them with premium oils of greater value, or several fluids may be combined together to suit the design specification of a regional, downstream client. To perform these tasks Tank Blending pump systems are required to accurately meter in the prescribed volume(s). Working alongside this equipment are circulating systems, either mixers or pumps, to ensure that the blended fluids are consistently commingled.

  The blending tanks are available with heating by steam, electricity or thermal liquid and the capacity of tanks is optional according to user’s requirement, such as 500 liters, 1000 liters, 2000 liters, 5000 liters, 10000 liters etc.

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