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SF6 Gas Recovery

SF6 Gas Recovery, Purification & Refilling Units

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  GRT Series SF6 Gas Recovery Unit is main used for manufacture, installation and maintenance of SF6 electrical equipments, such as circuit breakers, GIS(gas insulated switchgears), high-voltage transformers, high-voltage transmission lines, substations, etc. It is composed of vacuum system, compression systems, purification systems, storage system, condensing system and re-filling system.


1. The use of foreign companies advanced principles and technology, advanced design, functional and reasonable structure, the operation simple and clear.
2. Adopts imported USA semi-enclosed compressor, stable performance and service life is greatly extended.
3. Vacuum system uses Germany vane vacuum pump, fast vacuum pumping speed.
4. SF6 Gas Purification system uses USA Neil filter with two-stage built-in electric heating and efficient absorption (without frequent replacement of adsorbent), greatly improving quality of SF6 gas
5. The latest patented SF6 special instruments and valves, more reliable instrument ball valve.
6. Interlocked protective system can avoid overload, over voltage, electricity leak and prevent any damages to equipments due to operating error or power failure.
8. The SF6 Gas Purifier uses air-cooler, can be used without external water conditions.

Technical Specifications
1. Type: Mobile trolley type
2. Power Supply: 380V, 50HZ, 3Phase (or Customized)
3. Ambient temperature:  -10℃ to 40℃
4.Ultimate vacuum ≤ 10 Pa (special requirements can be ≤ 5Pa)
5. Vacuum pumping speed: 14 to 200 m ³ / h (different model with different speed)
6. Gas filling: initial pressure <133Pa 
final pressure ≤ 0.8M Pa
Inflating speed > 6m³ / h
7. Gas recovery:  initial pressure ≤ 0.8M Pa
final pressure: standard≤0.05MP or higher ≤10 × 133Pa
recovery speed ≥12m ³ / h (different model with different speed)
recovery rate: 99.5%
8. Maximum storage pressure 4.0M Pa
9. Annual Leakage Rate <1%
10. Storage tank capacity: 100-500 kg (different model with different capacity)
11. Storage type: liquid
12. Noise ≤ 75dB sound pressure level
13. Continuously trouble-free operation> 1000 hours, cumulative trouble-free operation> 5000 hours

Model Specifications


Storage capacity

Recovery speed

Vacuum pumping speed


50 kg

6 m3/h

14 L/s


100 kg

12 m3/h

28 L/s


150 kg

12 m3/h

54 L/s


200 kg

12 m3/h

54 L/s


250 kg

24 m3/h

54 L/s


300 kg

24 m3/h

100 L/s


500 kg

24 m3/h

100 L/s



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Subject : SF6 Gas Recovery, Purification & Refilling Units

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