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Transformer Turn Ratio Tester

TTR Three Phase Transformer Turn Ratio Tester

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  In the semi-finished transformers and the finished the transformers production process, before the newly installed transformers being put into operation, and according to the preventive tests of the Ministry of Electric Power, the Turns and ratio of the transformers should be tested periodically. The traditional variable ratio electric bridge operating is cumbersome, and not intuitive for readings. It also needs to carry out the necessary conversion. The test results only for the information of one phase transformation ratio. This instrument overcome the traditional variable Bridge Test shortcomings. A big screen used lattice liquid crystal monitor, with Chinese menu suggested function. The operating is simple and intuitive. It can complete a three-phase variable ratio testing .Fast testing speed and high accuracy rate.



1. Test range wide, the highest can reach up to 10000. 

2. Fast test speed, ten seconds of the completion of three-phase testing. 

3. Measurement of single phase and three phase winding testing. Coupling any group(AB, BC, CA) and once completing the measurement of three-phase ratio, error and other parameters of coupling group.

4.Seting data, testing results are automatically saved and view the previous data. 

5. Testing load transformers, turns ratio is only entered once.

6. Automatically cutting off the test power after one measurement.

7. Easy to carry, suitable for field work.



1. Power supply: 220V±10%,50HZ

2. Range: 1 ~10000

3. Precision: 0.2% (1-1000), 0.5%(1000-10000)

4. Groups: 1-12

5. Working temperature: -10-40℃

6. Relative humidity: ≤ 80%, no dew

7. Output voltage: 35V

8. Dimension: 400*290*170mm. Weight: 15.5kg


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Subject : TTR Three Phase Transformer Turn Ratio Tester

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