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Coalescence Separation Diesel Fuel Oil Filtration Machine July 3,2017.

The coalescence separation diesel fuel oil filtration machine of ACORE FILTRATION CORPORATION is used in the oil-water separation system, mainly separating the oil-water mixture, the suspension solution, the milk solution and the like.

Coalescence separation diesel fuel filtration machine used in the oil and water separation system, the main separation of oil and water mixture, suspension solution, milk solution, etc., coalescence separation filter in the system which is divided into:

Solid - liquid separation - demulsification - coalescence - separation - adsorption. In the system, the greater the ratio of the coalescing filter and separation filter, the better the coalescence effect, the faster the separation.

Coalescence Type Fuel Oil Purifier

The coalescence filter has the dual function of filtering impurities and coalescence from the aviation kerosene, which is an important functional element of the fine filter, which can meet the needs of various fine filters used in fixed mobile refueling facilities.

1. With multi-layer composite structure of the filter paper, high filtration accuracy;

2. Carefully set and specially treated glass fiber layer, coalescence effect is good.

3. The flow density, reducing the fine filter size;

4. Satisfied that the sewage capacity, long service life;

5. The full range of specifications, to meet the needs of a variety of fine filters.

The coalescence separator is mainly designed for liquid-liquid separation, which contains two kinds of filter elements, namely: the filter element and the separation filter. For example, in the oil removal system, the oil flows into the coalescence separator, the first flow through the coalescence filter and the small droplets into larger water droplets. Most of the water droplets after coalescence can be separated from the oil by gravity, settling into the sump. And then the oil flow through the separation filter, because the separation filter has a good hydrophobic, so as to further separate the water, and ultimately, clean, anhydrous oil out of the coalescence separator.

The oil first enters the lower part of the filter housing from the inlet pipe, and then flows out of the filter element from the outside, and the coarse particles are precipitated immediately, discharged by the drain valve, and the smaller particles are intercepted by the filter element.

Finally, the clean oil is collected by the filter, and the coalesced from the outlet pipe flows out of the coalescence separator. As the amount of oil to be treated increases, the contaminants deposited on the filter element will cause the stacker to drop. When the pressure rise to 0.15Mpa, indicating that the coalescence filter has been blocked,

Should be replaced. The oil flows from the coalescence of the coalescence separator into the primary tray and is then split into the inside of the primary filter. After filtration, demulsification, water molecules grow up and coalescence process, impurities are trapped in the primary filter, Beads in the sedimentation tank, the oil from the outside into the two filter, pooled in the secondary tray, from the coalescence separator outlet out. The material of the secondary filter has hydrophobic, the oil can pass smoothly, the free water is blocked outside the filter element, into the sedimentation tank, through the discharge valve discharge.

The scope of application Of Coalescence Oil Purifier

1. Aviation fuel, gasoline, kerosene, diesel

2. Turbine oil and other low viscosity hydraulic oil, lubricants.

3. Other hydrocarbon compounds.

4.Liquefied petroleum gas, stone tar, benzene, toluene, polypropylene and so on.

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