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Coalescing Oil Purifier
Coalescing Oil Purifier for Turbine Lube Oil Flushing Service May 2,2018.

The Coalescing Type Oil Purifier has a simple working principle and a remarkable effect, which is mainly used for purification of turbine oil, lube oil, hydraulic oil, light fuel, etc. In its interior there is a rotor with a double-jet nozzle that only needs to provide its driving force by the pressure generated by the oil. After the equipment is turned on, the oil in the lube oil tank is sent to the rotor through the pump, and the coalescing filter and separating filter standby oil fills the rotor, and then it is sprayed along the lower nozzle of the turntable to generate driving force to rotate the rotor at high speed. Its rotational speed can reach above 4000-6000r.p.m, the generated force is more than 2,000 times of gravity, and the centrifugal force directly drives the impurities to separate from the oil. Hard and sharp abrasive metal materials, as well as residual materials that wear parts or deteriorate engine oil, can be removed even in sizes as small as 1 μm. The separated impurities are attached to the contaminant collection cap in the rotor and only need to be cleaned periodically. In addition, since the specific gravity of water is greater than that of oil, the water is separated from the oil by the centrifugal force and is stored in the inner rim of the rotor. It only needs to be removed during cleaning. The filtered oil flows directly back into the tank by gravity.

The Coalescence Separation Oil Purifier adopts the latest domestic and foreign technology, gravity settling method, coalescence breaking emulsion method, oil-water separation method, vacuum separation method, etc. The advantages of removing water and breaking emulsifying ability are strong. It adopts imported agglomerative filter materials. (It can directly remove 80% of the oil from the oil), effectively decompose the water in the seriously emulsified oil, accelerate the rapid dehydration capacity, and use the German three-dimensional flash evaporation technology to spray the heated liquid oil to atomize the spray film, increasing The membrane area of oil molecules makes the dehydration effect 2 to 3 times faster than other Oil Purifier Machine. It can separate large amounts of water from oil and remove trace amounts of water in oil. Rapid dewatering and strong filtration performance make it possible for oil systems

Coalescence Separation Oil Purifie

The Functions of Coalescing Oil Purifier

1. It can be used for on-site oil filtration processing and replenishing of seal oil immersed equipment.

2. It can also be used for oil water separation of turbine lube oil, fuel oil, etc.

4. It can also be used for power plants , power companies, power transformation industry, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railways and other industries.

5. It can be used for oil filtration without heating.

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