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Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System
Degassing Performance of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant August 13,2019.
Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification

When selecting a Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant to remove the gas content, the following basic requirements should be met.

(1) It is possible to completely remove all the gas from the oil, and generally requires a degassing rate of 99%.
(2) The Transformer Oil Purification Plant should have good air tightness and a high vacuum. It is generally required that the residual pressure of the vacuum system is not higher than 0.3 mmHg.
(3) When degassing, it should be able to accurately measure the volume of degassed test oil and the volume of gas to be withdrawn. It is recommended that the physical measurement should be accurate to two significant figures.
(4) After the gas is removed from the oil, the gas should be prevented from being dissolved back.
(5) After degassing, the residual oil and residual gas can be completely drained.

The effect of the dissolved gas on the equipment after treatment by Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

The gas dissolved in the insulating oil is not significantly affected at low field strength, and under the action of high field strength, the gas is first ionized, and when the temperature and pressure suddenly drop to form bubbles, the bubbles are pulled into the body. It is prone to gas collision and dissociation, which causes breakdown and endangers the safe operation of equipment. The effect of bubbles in the oil on the insulation strength will increase with the voltage level, and the damage will be even worse. To this end, in order to ensure the reliability of transformer insulation, many countries have established specific quantitative standards for the oil in the new injection equipment and the gas content in the operating oil.

The standard for gas content in oils varies with the voltage level of the equipment. For example, for oil equipment of 500kV class, the oil content in the oil is controlled at 0.5% before oiling. The gas content in operation is 1%~2% according to the index proposed by the International Power Grid Conference.

It must be pointed out that the gas content in the running oil has a great relationship with the degree of sealing of the equipment and has nothing to do with the quality of the oil. That is, the sealing degree of the equipment is good, and the gas content of the oil in operation can be kept within the standard value range. Otherwise, the gas content in the oil will increase with time, even reaching a saturated state, that is, the gas content in the oil can reach about 10%. 

Therefore, in China's operating transformer oil quality standard GB7595), the gas content in the oil is not more than 1%. ACORE's Transformer Oil Filtration Machine can achieve 0.1% gas content after purification treatment. (Contact now sales@acorefiltration.com)

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