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Oil Dielectric Strength Tester
DST Transformer Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester - Acore Filtration Co.Ltd October 23,2017.


Fully automated measurement of the dielectric strength of transformer insulation oil as much as 100KV

Excellent the design of high effectiveness and functionality

Extraordinarily effective for constant use in the actual laboratory

Crystal clear and dependable results with the latest dimension technology

Repeatable breakdown way of measuring in nutrient

DST Transformer Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester

Simple, quick and also safe evaluation of the breakdown voltage testing is used to ensure the degree of impurity of oils because of contaminants, gas and water. This meets present regulations and it is economically helpful to protect electric systems for example transformers in addition to switches, along with, medical and security alarm systems from complete breakdowns. The main reason with regard to such harm is the bad condition of the particular insulating oil.

DST Transformer Insulating Oil Tester

DST Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength Tester is made for continuous procedure in the lab. This high end instrument is actually characterized by typically the combination of remarkable properties like a test attention up to 100kV, crystal clear breakdown recognition, and completely reliable rank results. The particular DST-100KV is the leading screening instrument regarding users within the electricity business, in tests institutes, along with other industrial programs.


Examination voltages 0-100 KV

Ergonomic the style of high performance, usability and safety

Switch-off time beneath 10 microseconds for trustworthy and reproducible results via multiple dimensions

Clear malfunction detection together with measurement theory directly on benefit voltage part

Repeatable elimination measurements actually on silicon oils and even ester liquids

Automatic self-test with HV output résistance test

Completely automatic calculating sequences through 18 designed test requirements and ten user-programmable check sequences

Oil-proof membrane key pad, easy to read LCD-display, and incorporated printer

Pre-installed sensor intended for temperature description of the protecting oil

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