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Transformer Oil Filtering Machine
DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering and Dehydration Disposal Machine September 5,2018.

ACORE DVTP series automatic high Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering and Dehydration Disposal Machine is specially designed for 110KV and above large power transmission and transformation equipment, as well as high-altitude and other high-pressure, ultra-high pressure insulating oil purification treatment, it can remove oil micro-water, harmful gases free carbon and other impurities. DVTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering and Dehydration Disposal machine is interlocked and controlled, and can be operated unattended online. It also has two-stage high-vacuum pumping unit, which can directly pump high vacuum to the transformer, dry and dry the hot oil, and vacuum oil to achieve multi-purpose.

1. DVTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine can be used for all kinds of oil-immersed transformers, oil-immersed currents, voltage transformers and oil-less circuit breakers for on-site oil filtering and oil replenishment.

2. It can be used for on-site hot oil circulation drying of the above equipment, especially for hot oil circulation drying of oil immersed current, voltage transformer and oil-less circuit breaker.

3. The Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering and Dehydration Disposal machine can be used for on-site vacuum oil filling and oil replenishment and equipment vacuuming for sealed oil immersing equipment.

4. This machine can also be used to regenerate and purify mildly degraded transformer oil to achieve the performance of qualified oil standards.


1. Small size and light weight, which is one-half the weight of similar products.

2. Improved and improved the design of the crude oil gas separator. With the vacuum oil inlet, a tubular rotary injector is installed, which reduces the resistance, accelerates the swirling speed, and increases the oil and gas separation effect.

3. Increased the regeneration and purification function of metamorphic oil. In the past, the vacuum transformer oil filtering machine was only used to remove impurities and moisture. The machine added a silica gel oil system and integrated the silica gel oil with the impurities. After filtering the impurities, the mildly deteriorated transformer oil passed through. The adsorption and regeneration of the silicone oil purifier makes it meet the standard of qualified oil.

4. DVTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Disposal Machine is a multi-functional machine. This is an important feature of this unit. Since the machine is used on site, and the original oil-filled equipment is used as the oil storage tank, the hot oil is circulated between the machine and the equipment, so that the three functions of oil filtering, regeneration, and hot oil circulation drying are simultaneously performed, saving labor. Save time and do three things at a time.

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