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Filter Characteristics of Vacuum Oil Purifier - Acore Filtration Co.ltd August 26,2019.
Acore Oil Purifier adopts a stainless steel mesh filter, a bundle filter and a polymer composite filter. Which ensures high filtration precision, and the impurity particle size after filtration is ≤1μm. the filtration procedure is a flow process, that is, the multiphase fluid passes through the porous medium. The flow of fluid through porous media, including filter media and filter cartidge, is extremely slow, and there are two types of factors that affect this flow, one is macroscopic hydrodynamic factors such as filter media heat, filter structure, differential pressure, The other type is the micro-filter, such as jog phenomenon, capillary phenomenon, solid grain straight

The larger the diameter, the more dominant the macroscopic factors are. On the contrary, the smaller the impact, the more important the influence of micro-physical factors. The factors affecting the working process of the Oil Purification Plant are very complicated. It is very difficult to deal with this process purely from the theoretical analysis.

The solid particles suspended in the fluid are continuously deposited in the pores inside the medium or on the surface of the medium, and the filter cake deposited on the surface of the medium is continuously compressed, so as the filtration progresses, the flow resistance is continuously increased. The Vacuum Oil Purifier adopts oil-water separation technology combined with thin film evaporation and drying.

The flow rate is matched with the vacuum pumping speed and heating power, and is equipped with high-efficiency degassing components to make the machine have a dehydrating function. The insulating oil is treated at room temperature, and the performance index exceeds the national standard. The composite microporous filtration technology has strong dirt holding capacity and high filtration precision. Small and efficient, reliable operation, easy to move, especially suitable for

For the solid particles with a high sedimentation rate, the suspension should be used in the upper part of the filter medium to make the filtration direction and the direction of gravity uniform. The coarse particles are first settled, which can reduce the filter medium of the Vacuum Oil Purification Plant and the clogging of the filter residue layer. Mixing, for example, diatomaceous earth and swelling

The coarser solid particles such as pearlite can make the filter residue layer loose. When the viscosity of the filtrate is large, the suspension can be heated to lower the viscosity. After the work is finished, check the working status of the Vacuum Oil Purifier, open the abandon valve, make the vacuum reach the normal atmospheric pressure, shoot the oil in the cylinder, and release the remaining oil from the drain tank to prevent mixed oil from the next use.

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