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Foam Problem Solution of Vacuum Oil Purifiers to Removing Water February 21,2020.

During running of Vacuum Oil Purifiers, there is a common misconception about the vacuum pressure, that is: "Higher vacuum pressure is better." In theory, the vacuum pressure is higher, the more conducive to the evaporation of water, so that water vapor is more effective. In this way, the water removal rate of Vacuum Oil Purifier is better.

This is an incorrect method of using the vacuum Oil Purifiers. Generally, the oil purifiers manufacturer's manual mentions: When there is too much foam in the degassing tank, user should open the air valve and lower the vacuum level. Allow the foam to fade before closing the air valve. Let us briefly analyze the reasons for this operation.

We know that the Vacuum Oil Purifiers is based on the large boiling point difference between oil and water. Under high vacuum conditions, the boiling point of water is greatly reduced (because the oil temperature cannot be operated at high temperatures, only a large amount of water can be evaporated in a vacuum state and the oil It can maintain liquid state, so choose vacuum state to achieve oil-water separation). When the altitude is not considered, the oil temperature is generally 65 degrees, and the vacuum degree is 0.06MPA, the oil-water separation effect is good. If the vacuum is not suitable, such as too high, it may happen that after the vacuum is too high, the boiling points of oil and water are close, and a large amount of oil evaporates with the water (this is why there is a condenser behind the vacuum tank. In fact, it is mainly used for collecting oil). In addition, when there are too many bubbles, the oil level in the separation chamber is too high, and the upper oil bubbles are easily sucked away by vacuum pump, so that the oil is reduced, and this will damage the vacuum pump.

Generally, online processing of Vacuum Oil Purifier is a good choice. The IEC standard requires that the oil and water content below 100 ppm, exceeding 100ppm will seriously cause oil emulsification and acidification. So it must use vacuum oil purifiers to purify oil and ensure oil and water content meets the requirement As a leading Oil Purifiers Manufacturer, Acore Filtration Co. Ltd developed a latest oil foam eliminating technology, which can reduce the foam automatically and keep a suitable vacuum pressure for Oil Purifiers at same time. Contact us: sales@acorefiltration.com

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