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Mobile Vacuum Purification System
Mobile Vacuum Purification System of Transformer Oils - acoreoilpurifier March 9,2018.

ACORE as a manufacturer and supplier of Transformer Oil Purification Systems, we developed DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System with double stages vacuum systems

The double stage high Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier is suitable for dealing with used transformer oil beginning with heating and then removing particles via specially created filter after which subjecting that to vacuum treatment chamber that dehydrates and also degasifies the oil to offer the desired enhancements after filtering for first time transformer oil purification treatment. The DVTP Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier has twice stage degasification, two stage filtering along with higher vacuum along with low temperature regarding oil regarding achieving preferred parameters necessary for Purification of Transformer Oil.

The DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System is available in flowing rates through 1000 LPH to 18000 LPH. The actual flow rate can be personalized. The system could be mounted on mobile Trailer.

The components utilized in our Transformer Oil Filtration Machine as following

· Trolley Mounted

· Degassing Chamber (Double Stage Dehydration and Degasification)

· Heaters

· Coarse Filter (Consumable)

· Fine Filtration system (Consumable)

· Stainless Steel Strainer (Washable)

· Ionic Response Column (Consumable)

· Vacuum program with origins booster (for ultra large vacuum)

· Control Panel

· We provide the choice for cart mounted or even skid installed machines.

Benefits of DVTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

1. Equipment is designed for constant operation whatsoever weather conditions. Optimum Components of the device are in Mirielle. S. materials. The transformer oil filtering elements provided is including all elements necessary for the effective and trouble free procedure.

2. The Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is completely tested within the supervision connected with Qualified Technicians as per the standards; customers obtained the Transformer Oil Purification Systems in totally workable circumstances. All parts have sufficient strength and also rigidity to face up to normal problems of transportation handling plus usage and they are free from razor-sharp edges or perhaps corners to prevent injury to working personnel within normal current condition of use. The style of the machine enables easy replacing defected element.

· Reduce device maintenance price.

· Improve Necessary oil Quality.

· Extend oil living.

· Offers ongoing filtration/separation with Transformer oil at continuous efficiency.

· Reduces oil expense on air conditioning of usage, inventory and so on

· Machine was created with lower heat enter & excessive vacuum throughput technology to avoid degradation for transformer oil

· Simple canal and suitable valve placing assures easy operation.

· Machine is also built with solid elimination filtering elements, will certainly separate the particular solid contaminants up to subwoofer micron degree.

· DVTP Transformer Oil Purification System is appropricate for outdoor procedures under almost all weather conditions.

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