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Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Machine
On-site Processing of DVTP Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Machine December 13,2018.

DVTP Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Machine adopts three-stage filtration of coarse and fine precision, which has one more fine filter than normal equipment. Its purpose is to ensure the filtration precision and filter life. And the filter material is made of stainless steel, which can be repeatedly washed and reused. The final fine filter adopts the disc-shaped folding structure and its 1μm precision are unique in its ability to reliably filter out extremely fine impurities and make the filtered oil meet the cleanliness requirements.

DVTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Machine uses double infrared liquid level and foam elimination control the infrared liquid level control is an accurate and reliable method for controlling the oil input by the infrared sensing liquid level, achieving the balance of the inlet and outlet oil flow and preventing oil injection or oil running. No need to manually guard the automatic completion. Its defoaming infrared induction also approximates the liquid level principle for foam elimination. As the dual infrared level and foam elimination control, the device can always be in normal working condition. Can work continuously for more than 200 hours without personnel monitoring, thus achieving separation of man and machine.

DVTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Process Machine is used to purify ultra-high voltage transformer oil and is suitable for 110KV-500KV transmission and transformation equipment processing. Meanwhile, on site oil treatment and vacuum drying also can be carried out by DVTP Transformer Oil Treatment Machine.

The Vacuum Transformer Oil Process Machine adopts oil-water separation technology combining film evaporation and drying. It is equipped with two-stage vacuum pumping speed and heating power, and is equipped with high-efficiency degassing components to make the machine have the best dehydration function. The insulating oil is treated at room temperature, and the performance index exceeds the national standard. The composite microporous filtering technology has strong dirt holding capacity and high filtration precision. Small and efficient, reliable in operation and easy to move, DVTP Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Machine is especially suitable for on-site processing of insulating oil.

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