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Press Oil Filter Machine
Plate & Frame Oil Filter Press Machine - ACORE Oil Purifier June 6,2018.


PF Plate and Frame Oil Filter Press Machine is designed for power plants, power stations, industrial and mining enterprises substation (room) lubricants, tractor stations, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, defense industry and other units, which is mainly used to filtration of transformer oil, turbine oil, aviation Water and impurities in hydraulic fluids and other liquids.

Due to the limitation of the gear structure, it is not suitable for non-lubricated oils such as gasoline and kerosene. When there is too much moisture in the oil, the oil can be heated first to allow the water to evaporate and then filtered. If the oil is dirty, it must be processed and then filtered.

PF Plate and Frame Press Oil Filter Machine is a portable device consisting of filter bed, oil pump and strainer.

PF Plate Press Oil Filter Machine

The filter bed is a filter that can be continuously operated and filtered sideways under pressure. The filter bed consists of a set of alternately arranged filter plates and filter frames and a mechanism including a manual screw press device and a press plate. The sides of the filter plate and the filter frame are supported on the supporting plate of the frame by “ears” on the side. The filter plate (or filter cloth) as a filter medium is lined between the filter plate and the filter frame, and the filter plate is pressed by pressing the pressure of the device. And the filter frame is pressed between the fixed thrust plate and the movable pressure plate to form a separate filter chamber, and the filter paper (or the filter cloth) pressed between the filter plate and the filter frame is filtered effect. Two liquid-passing holes are provided at corresponding positions of the filter plate and the filter frame. After being filtered by the filter room, clean oil is drawn from another corresponding channel (a fan-shaped side of the ear).

During the filtration, the dirty oil is distributed into each filter frame through the input channel, and the impurities are filtered on the filter plate through the filter paper and collected in the output channel and discharged outside the filter. The dirt is left on the surface of the filter paper. A small amount of moisture in the dirty oil is absorbed by the capillary in the filter paper. When the filter paper on the filter surface gradually thickens and the water content in the filter paper increases, the filtration resistance increases, when it increases to a certain extent (usually 0.2 ~ 0.35Mpa) should stop filtering, replace the filter paper, continue to use.

The gear pump is connected with the elastic rubber pad of the motor. To avoid mechanical accident caused by high pressure, a safety valve is provided in the lower part of the oil pump (the product has been adjusted to the specified maximum pressure value before leaving the factory). The safety valve pressure can be set to a lower value according to the user's needs, but it is not allowed to adjust to exceed the specified maximum pressure value.

The oil pump and the motor are installed under the filter part, and the liquid output by the oil pump is sent to the filter part through the discharge pipe and the thrust plate.

The oil pump gear is supported by a rolling bearing, which is lubricated by the oil delivered by the oil pump itself. The strainer is installed on the suction side of the oil pump. Its role is to prevent large particles of impurities from entering the oil pump and damaging the oil pump. Remove the strainer cover to remove the strainer directly, because if the strainer is covered with dirt, it will not only reduce the filtration capacity, but also damage the Oil Filter Machine.

When there is oil stored in the tank, the return valve can be opened to suck away the stored oil to prevent the oil from overflowing and leaking out of PF Plate and Frame Oil Filter Press Machine.

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