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Portable Oil Purifier
Portable Oil Purifier for Oil Filtration and Filling February 1,2018.

ACORE design and manufacture Portable Oil Purifier Machine will help user provide a filtration with any type of petrochemical product to verify the possibility to clean oil.

Kinds of mineral oil which can be purified and cleaned by our portable oil purifier are the following:

· transformer oil

· turbine oil

· diesel oil

· thermojet oil

· hydraulic oil

· gear oil

· gasoline

· kerosene;

· motor oil

The Oil Purifier includes:

· oil filters

· frame

· vacuum pump

· vacuum pump motor

· piping

The actual oil filters pod is a boat, half-filled along with sorbent that regenerates the actual percolating oil. Sorbent as well as oil tend to be put into the particular pod through the top.

The base of the pod has a cover, through which typically the pod is actually vacuumed, over loaded sorbent will be extracted and also regenerated crude oil is driven out.

The particular external surface area of the pod is covered with an electrical heater strapping and protected.

The frame - this can be a metal frame supporting all of the unit’s elements.

The Vacuum chamber - is a rectangle-shaped vessel full of regenerated oil based. The top section of the vessel comes with a ball valve for connecting the step with the vacuum cleaner pump. it is equipped with the ball device, through which often the oil is usually sucked in to the vacuum chamber, and a control device to deplete the oil. The filter vessel is also built with a visual fluid level inmiscuirse and a machine gauge.

The Portable Oil Purifier is easy to move, and can be take from job to job for oil filtration and filling.

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