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Hydraulic Oil Purifier
VHF Hydraulic Oil Purifier For Solution of Oil Deterioration June 13,2018.

During working, hydraulic oil will inevitably invade some impurities and water, which will cause the hydraulic oil to deteriorate.  Following is introduction of why the deterioration of hydraulic oil and how to solve the problem of deterioration by Hydraulic Oil Purifier

The reasons for deterioration of hydraulic oil:

1.Oxidative deterioration;

2. Mixing water and air during usage;

3. Mixed with particulate pollutants.

4.The original residual material of the hydraulic equipment itself, such as the impurities produced in the assembly process that have not been completely removed;

5. The oil tubing through which the oil flows and the oil drum storing the oil contain impurities and mix in the oil;

6. The harsh open-air operating environment in the wild causes all kinds of particles to invade the hydraulic equipment;

7. hydraulic equipment in the refueling, oil change, maintenance and other processes in the intrusion of pollutants;

8. Mechanical friction, deformation and chemical reactions and other aspects of pollution.

The damage caused by hydraulic oil deterioration:

1. The oil film of the deteriorated hydraulic oil is not sufficiently light to withstand the pressure of the working load, resulting in the metal surfaces touching each other, resulting in a sharp increase in friction and accelerating the wear of the parts;

2. The reduction of the lubricating performance of the hydraulic oil causes the internal tooth surfaces of the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor to wear.

Hydraulic oil is a hydraulic medium that uses a liquid pressure energy hydraulic system, and plays a role in energy transmission, anti-wear, lubrication, anti-corrosion, rust prevention, and cooling in a hydraulic system. Since the viscosity change of the hydraulic oil is directly related to the hydraulic action, transmission efficiency, and transmission accuracy, the viscosity-temperature performance and shear stability of the oil are required to satisfy various requirements put forward by different applications.

VHF Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purifier from ACORE Filtration Co.Ltd can quickly remove the harmful components such as water, impurities and volatiles (such as ammonia) in the oil, improve the quality of the oil, restore its performance, and ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system, power system, and lubrication system.

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