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Application of Phosphate Ester Fire-resistant Hydraulic Oil

July 16,2017.

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There are many hydraulic systems in the industry and high temperature equipment adjacent to the hydraulic system if the pipeline or hydraulic parts suddenly lead to failure of hydraulic fluid leakage, leakage of hydraulic fluid if you encounter high temperature parts, or meet the fire, There is a danger of burning, a fire, a hazard to people and property, and an expensive shutdown.

In order to reduce the possibility of the above fire, there are many measures to be taken, one of which is the use of fire resistant hydraulic fluids.

Note the physical and chemical properties of phosphate and mineral oil is different from the manufacturer for the paint, oil seal, hose and filter should be compatible with the phosphate. Please pay special attention to the following points.


The paint should be resistant to the dissolution of the phosphate, for example using epoxy paint.

Oil seal and hose, oil seals and hoses compatible with mineral oil are incompatible with phosphate esters. Recommended materials are butyl, silicone, vinyl propylene and synthetic rubber.


If you want to use other hydraulic oil (such as mineral oil or other types of fire-resistant hydraulic fluid) system for phosphate, you must consider some of the factors such as the location of the pump, it is best to listen to the recommendations of the equipment manufacturers.

Product storage

Any lubricating product should be stored in the room or under the shelter; when the outdoor storage is inevitable, should first consider the level of placement, in order to avoid rain or moisture intrusion, to prevent the oil drum on the mark was eroded.

The product should not be stored in excess of 60 ° C or cold, and should not be exposed to strong light.

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