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Application of Vacuum Oil Purifier

April 25,2017.

With development of technology, the performance of oil purifiers is also gradually improved, especially for vacuum oil purifier machine, it has much advantages comparing with normal equipment.


1. Can be used for all types of oil-immersed transformers, oil-immersed current and voltage transformers and less oil circuit breakers, on-site oil purification and replenishment.

2. On-site vacuum oiling and filling equipment and equipment vacuum for sealing the oil immersion equipment.

3. On-site hot oil recycling, especially for oil-immersed current, voltage transformer and less oil circuit breaker.

4. Regeneration and purification of poor quality oil, recovering specifications of oil.

Main features:

1. Small size, light weight and easy moving.

2. Improving the oil and gas separation device. Application of vacuum oiling and the installation of a tubular rotary injector, it reduces resistance, speeds up the rotation speed, increases the efficiency of oil and gas separation.

3. Increasing oil regeneration purification function. The original vacuum oil purification system only has the function of removing impurities and water, Our  system installs a silicone regeneration device, which can improve the properties of oil and recover the color.

4. Multi-functional features, working in the field, application of the original oil equipment with oil storage tank and the hot oil circulation filtration. It realizes filtration, regeneration and hot oil recycling at the same time without stop

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