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SF6 Gas Treatment Plant
ACORE GRT Series SF6 Gas Recovery & Filling Unit Application March 22,2019.

ACORE GRT series SF6 Gas Recovery Unit has comprehensive functions such as recovery, charging and discharging, purification, vacuuming, storage and bottle filling. The system is relatively complete. See Appendix I for system diagram. The series or switching of the functions is mainly accomplished by operating an electric control box and a ball valve that are concentrated on one side of the panel.

The working principle of SF6 gas recovery unit is to use the refrigeration liquefaction method. At the time of recovery, it uses the suction and compressibility of the compressor to draw a certain pressure of SF6 gas from the SF6 electrical equipment into the compressor and compress it to a higher pressure. At the same time, using the low evaporation temperature characteristic of R22 refrigerant, the higher temperature SF6 gas is cooled to the condensation temperature for liquefaction and storage. This is continuously pumped to the SF6 compressor in series operation until the final recovery pressure is reached.

When doing SF6 Gas Evacuating and filling, first use the vacuum pump of the device to vacuum the SF6 electrical equipment (or cylinder) and the connecting pipeline, and then directly use the pressure difference or utilize the suction of the compressor and cause a certain pressure difference to store the container. The SF6 inside is filled into the SF6 electrical equipment until the required working pressure is reached. When bottling is required, the liquefied SF6 is directly poured into the cylinder by utilizing the characteristics of the R22 refrigerant as described above.

The purification function of SF6 gas recovery unit is completed synchronously when the above recovery, charging and discharging functions are completed. Three oil separators are installed in the system, one at the outlet of the vacuum pump and two at the outlet of the compressor to effectively remove the oil contained in the SF6 gas. A drying filter is installed in the system circuit, and it is used to ensure the purity of SF6 entering the storage container and effectively remove water. The filter is equipped with a heating regeneration device that can be heated and regenerated under vacuum, and the molecular sieve can be used repeatedly.

The SF6 Gas Recovery Unit is equipped with a reliable safety protection device. The high pressure controller is installed at the exhaust port of the SF6 compressor. Once the exhaust pressure exceeds the limit value, it will automatically stop the compressor. After the pressure drops, restart the compressor. The valve is mounted on the storage container. Once the overpressure relief valve automatically opens the exhaust gas, the pressure is automatically closed after the pressure drops.

In addition, there are a total of seven monitoring instruments and control instruments in the SF6 Gas Filling Device, one of which is installed in the device, and the DN8 valve is installed in front of the vacuum gauge. It needs to be opened when observing; Only installed in the recovery air inlet, SF6 compressor exhaust port, refrigeration compressor suction and exhaust port and storage container; a thermometer is set on the refrigeration system, and the high temperature uses the temperature package to sense the temperature of the SF6 liquid.

An electromagnetic vacuum belt inflation valve is installed at the inlet of the vacuum pump in the system, and is connected to the same power source as the vacuum pump. When the pump stops working, the valve can automatically close the vacuum system and charge the atmosphere into the pump chamber through the inlet of the pump. Thereby avoiding the countercurrent flow of the pump oil to the vacuum system.

The refrigeration system in the system is calibrated by the high and low pressure controllers for the inlet and outlet pressure of the refrigeration compressor. Once the limit value is exceeded, the operation of the refrigeration compressor will be cut off by itself. When the pressure is raised or the high pressure is disconnected when the low pressure is disconnected, the pressure is returned and the compressor is restarted.

The GRT series SF6 Gas Recovery Unit adopts hand-pushing type, which can be used under normal indoor and outdoor environmental conditions. The SF6 Gas Recovery Device is relatively complex, consisting of a vacuum pump, SF6 compressor, refrigeration system, storage container, pipeline, various valves, instruments and other accessories.

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