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Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration
ACORE Transformer Oil Filtration, Dehydration, Degassing & Regeneration Machine May 13,2019.

ACORE’s DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration, Dehydration & Degassing Machine make your equipment much more effective and help you save money through enabling you to do the purification of the insulating oil while the transformer is on-load.

The feature of Transformer Oil Filtration:

1. Off-load and on-load filtration capability

2. Unsupervised operations control

3. Maintenance-free dehydrator & degasser

5. Adjustable oil filtration capacity

5. Oil foam eliminator

Transformer Oil Regeneration

The Transformer Oil Regeneration Column has been created specifically for onsite use to totally regenerate insulation oils upon transformers.

The transformer oil regeneration system provides normal oil filter elements such as reproduction and particulate removal in the associated with acidity, sludge, others dissolved rot products.

The usage of Transformer Oil Regeneration Column:

1. Recondition older insulating oil

2. Remove level of acidity, sludge along with other soluble crude oil decay items

3. Improve waste factor suntan delta

4. Enhance oil color

Transformer Drying Function of DVTP Transformer Oil Degassing, Drying and Filtration Machine:

The dehydration and degassing of transformer oil just removes mixed gases as well as water from the oil.

Water captured within the paper padding cannot effectively be eliminated by simply circulating dried out oil round the active section of the transformer. The actual water grabbed in the internal layers from the cellulose materials will be entirely unaffected.

When the insulation substance of the transformer core gets to a critical higher concentration associated with water, the actual transformer must be repaired.

DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration, Dehydration and Degassing Machine has a high vacuum system, the particular transformer could be dried by the high vacuum system. This process may be combined with a good vacuum evacuating functions.

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