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Turbine Oil Purifier
Applications of Thermojet Turbine Oil Purifier March 10,2017.

Thermojet Turbine Oil Purifier is very important to purification of used turbine lube oils to achieve the oil cleanliness NAS1638 (5 a 6) and improve the working efficiency of turbine system.Turbine oils has the functions of lubrication, rust, cleaning, cooling and sealing in the lubrication system, the contaminants of turbine oil can plug the lubrication system, fuel injectors and results in insufficient oil supply, valve latch, sealing performance degradation and other failures, which is a serious threat to equipment safety.

TOP Turbine Oil Purifier

ACORE designed TOP Thermojet Turbine Oil Purifier is special designed for purification flushing processing of the steam turbine oil, hydraulic turbine oil and combustion turbine oil etc. The water and metal particles is main pollutions of lubricant oil. At the same time, air mixed with water and dust is dissolved in oil can accelerate oil oxidation and results in pollutants. TOP Turbine Oil Purification Plant can remove impurities, free carbon, gas, metal impurities, acidity value effectively and improve the aviation hydraulic oil cleanliness, security, oil safety and extend the oil lifetime.


1. Application of advanced technology and the 304 stainless steel materials, special aviation stainless steel mechanical seal connection.

2. TOP Turbine Oil Purification Plant is small size, easy to move, easy operation, low maintenance cost, economical and practical.

3. Removal of free water and dissolved water, gas, metal impurities and dust.

4. 5 microns can cause damage to the turbine system and also accelerate the oxidation of oil, TOP Turbine Oil Purifier adopts imported US precision filter elements, step-by-step encryption technology, after purification, it can achieve NAS 5-6 grade or even higher precision .

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