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China Oil Purifies Machine Manufacturer March 11,2019.

According to statistics, the China Oil Purifiers has a market share of more than 60% of oil processing and oil purifier machine in the global market. From the perspective of market demand, China is a major manufacturer of electromechanical products. The market of oil filter machines has great potential for development. Now the oil filter industry is facing an upgrade of products, although some manufacturers have already realized this trend and have begun. Some action, but basically stayed in the improvement of the current technology. For example, some Oil Purification Machines are equipped with an environmental protection device, and some control modes are changed. The major technological breakthroughs are still relatively small. Significantly improving the technical content, product upgrading, and improving the level of after-sales service are still issues that oil purifier machine need to pay attention to and solve.

The status of Oil Filtration Machine manufacturing industry from the perspective of product quality, the gap between China oil purifiers and imported oil purifiers has been gradually reduced, but the ability of independent innovation is lacking, and the imitation situation is still widespread. In terms of price, domestically produced equipment is still much lower than that imported by Bohr. Chongqing has long been the main production base of oil purification machines and vacuum oil purification machine products in China. At present, the production varieties of Chongqing oil filter manufacturers basically cover all aspects of the market demand for oil filtration machine, and fully possess the output capacity of the whole plant. The technical content and product quality of some enterprises are close to or even partially exceed the foreign oil filter brands. product.

The development trend of Oil Filtration Machine products, how should oil purifier companies adjust the production of products?

1.. Digitization: Digitalization is the development trend of the future manufacturing industry. It has become the primary consideration for the informationization of world famous brands and top manufacturing enterprises with the characteristics of convenience, speed, global synchronization, accuracy, individualization and standardization.

2. Intelligent: More and more market demand hopes that the oil purification machine has the characteristics of intelligence, one machine is multi-functional, can adapt to the requirements of different working environments.

3. automation: more and more customers will choose automated equipment, and many oil filtration machine are also investing a lot of money in the application of automation equipment, in the hope of taking the lead in the next round of economic boom.

“Environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and safety” is basically an eternal topic in the oil filter industry. The space that we can improve in many oil processing links is still very large. These topics are also of concern in the process of developing products for China Oil Purifiers manufacturers.

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