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Vacuum Oil Purifier
Classification of Vacuum Oil Purifiers June 12,2017.

Vacuum Oil Purifier is the most widely used in the power industry category, it is based on the water and oil boiling point of the different principles of the design, it consists of filter elements, vacuum heating tank, vacuum dehydration and degasification chamber, vacuum pumping systems, oil pumps etc. High Vacuum Oil Purifier is a necessary product for all kinds of power plants, power stations, electric power maintenance companies, machinery production factories, mining and other industrial field.

In order to meet the evolving production and energy saving needs, various oil purifier manufacturers through research and design, developed a variety of different types of vacuum Oil Purification Systems, so that the current market there are a variety of different kinds of Oil Purifiers (including lubricants, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, mechanical oil etc.), these different types of Oil Purification Systems can be widely used in power plants, power plants, power companies, substation industry, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railways, papermaking, shipbuilding and so on, according to the nature of oil and the use of different industrial and mining.

DVTP Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

For example, in the turbine for the turbine oil purification, because taking into account the turbine oil easy to emulsify or often meet the demulsification value exceeded, so for this type of Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier on the basis of the original vacuum machine, increased the heating power, an increase of water break the emulsion filter system, can handle the following 40 # turbine oil, hydraulic oil and other oil, gas and impurities particles.

In the face of oil conditions are more complex lubricants (covering gear oil, hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, engineering lubricants, vacuum pump oil, die-casting oil, etc.), such oil is generally more complex amount of impurities Some of the filter part of the function will be based on the use of the factory will filter part of the function prominent, or increase the filter area, or with the plate and frame pressure Oil Filtration Machine to reduce the cost of the filter. But at the same time will still be more than ordinary insulating Oil Purifier to increase the water break emulsion system, because it will often encounter the phenomenon of lubricating hydraulic oil into the water emulsification, but there is no turbo oil purifier machine demon so strong obvious.

The current market, according to classification of the Vacuum Oil Purifiers, mainly vacuum insulating oil purifier, low viscosity turbine and hydraulic oil purifier, ordinary lubricating oil purifier and high viscosity Lubricant Vacuum Oil Purifier.

Each type of Vacuum Oil Purification Systems in a function or configuration according to the treatment of oil changes and changes, strictly speaking, not a single vacuum purifier, and improve the practicality And operational convenience is also more and more human and technology.

As you can see, in summary, the market a lot of Oil Purifiers, with the increase in oil species, types of different functions, oil purification technology is also improving, the oil purification function with the oil Product requirements and change, the user must be based on their own use of the environment, the amount of oil treatment, from the efficiency and practicality, so choose cost-effective oil purifiers

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