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Diesel Fuel Oil Purifier
Diesel Fuel Oil Purifier With Coalescer Separation Technology November 19,2018.

Although the cleanliness of the diesel fuel is good after refinery, but it will have some contaminants after storage and transportation, so the cleanliness will decrease. ACORE developed CSF Coalescer Fuel Oil Purifier, which is widely used for purification of in the aviation kerosene, diesel, gasoline, hydraulic fuel, marine diesel and other fuel oils, it is ideal equipment for oil depots, oil stations, marine, diesel generator and other fuel sectors to remove particulate impurities, pollutants and water in oil. CSF Diesel Fuel Oil Purifier integrates functions such as automatic demulsification, high-efficiency dehydration and precision filtration to effectively remove moisture and impurities from the oil.


1.The Diesel Oil Filtration System is equipped with pressure indication and differential pressure control switch, which is beautiful in appearance and low in running cost.

 2.The oil filtration system adopts national standard plate and national standard flange, and adopts double-sided protection welding. Safe and reliable.

 3.CSF Fuel Oil Purifier combines two functions of precision filtration and high efficiency dehydration.

4.Continuous processing with large flow rate, strong purification ability and high dehydration efficiency.

 5.Pure physical purification, does not change the physical and chemical properties of oil, and prolong the service life of oil.

 6.Impurities are multi-layered. The coarse filter, protective filter and fine filter are made of imported materials from Europe and America. The graininess control effect is very good.

Technology principle Of CSF Diesel Oil Purifier:

Filtration: The oil first passes through a magnetic suction filter with a precision of 150um in the system to protect the oil pump from being damaged by large particulate pollutants, and then the oil enters the Dingneng high efficiency pre-filter (optional 12, 7, 5UM), and then After coalescence, separation and dehydration, enter the protective fine filter (5UM) for treatment to ensure that the cleanliness of the oil entering the user's fuel tank reaches the design index.

Coalescence: When the oil passes through the equipment, it first enters the coalescing system. Due to the special molecular structure of the coalescing filter material, the emulsified water and free water in the oil are coalesced into larger water droplets after passing through the system. Under the action of gravity, it sinks into the water storage tank.

Separation: The oil from the coalescing system enters the separation system. The water droplets that have been larger due to gravity have already sunk into the water storage tank, but there are still small water droplets entering the separation system with the oil under inertia. The separation filter element is made of a hydrophobic material specially developed by Dingneng. When the oil-water mixture passes through the filter element, the water drops are gathered outside to form a water droplet sinking, and the oil enters the filter element and finally is discharged from the clean oil port.

Drainage: The separated water is stored in the water storage tank and can be discharged by manual visual inspection. It can also be equipped with an oil-water interface meter to measure the automatic discharge.

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