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Diesel Fuel Oil Purifier
Diesel Fuel Oil Purifier Working Procedure May 7,2018.

Diesel Fuel Oil Purifier from ACORE corporation is a coalescing type oil filtration system, which mainly consists of coalescence filters, separation filter, cartridge filters. It adopts the side-in bottom-out mode, which pumps oils into oil purifier by oil pump, The coalescence filter and separation filter mainly remove water from oil, the cartridge filters mainly remove impurities. The Diesel Fuel Oil Purifier is an ideal solid-liquid separation to achieve clean oil. Different filtering accuracy depends on different precision filter elements

Diesel Fuel Oil Filtration Flushing Machine

Features of ACORE’s Diesel Oil Purifier

1. Strong capacity of impurity removal, large-area, deep-level precision filter material.

2. Multi-stage cartridge filter, large flow rate washable filter element. Automatic backwash function automatically cleans the filter of large amounts of impurities retained. It not only improves the continuous working time of the equipment, but also ensures the service life of the filter element.

3. Advanced medium heat condensing system.

4. Automatic temperature control heating, automatic separation of condensing water device, simple, safe and reliable.

5. Super breaking emulsifying ability, both the capacity to separate out a lot of water in the oil, but also easy to pull off the trace amount of water in the oil.

6. Combination of coalescence separation and vacuum dehydration, the water separation device adopts the world's leading coalescence separation technology, which can quickly and efficiently separate large amounts of water and micro-water from the oil with high water content.

7. Deep, high-precision rectangular filter system, can effectively remove the iron in the oil, dust, and impurities.

8. The Diesel Fuel Oil Purifier adopts high-quality original parts and connecting sealing materials to meet the requirement of high temperature for filtering high-viscosity lubricating oil, and expands the type and range of purifying oil that the oil filter can purify.

9. Using high-quality filter material, large amount of pollution, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, mechanical strength, in addition to high precision impurities, long service life.

10. Humanized design, dual infrared level control system, automatic electrical protection and control system with phase sequence protection, overload protection and overvoltage protection, and constant temperature automatic control system ensure easy operation, safety and reliability. The Diesel Fuel Oil Purifier can work online for a long time, the unique oil pump, low noise, meet the world's high standards of environmental protection requirements.

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