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Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Difference of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier and Centrifugal Separator May 31,2017.

Double stages High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier adopts large pumping speed system, which can quickly and efficiently separate water, gas, impurities and other harmful ingredients, improve the pressure resistance of insulating oil. Meanwhile, the vacuum transformer oil purification plant also can meet the requirement of transformer vacuum drying and vacuum oiling at site.

Particles removing system of vacuum transformer oil purifier use ultra-high precision filtering structure, step-by-step encryption, can quickly and effectively remove the oil in the mechanical impurities. Filter material corrosion resistance, large amount of pollutants, high mechanical strength and durable.

3000L/H High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

Automatic thermostatic system, level control system, pressure protection system, and foam control system to ensure high-performance equipment operation.

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant can simultaneously complete the high content of dehydration and deep dehydration, in addition to impurities, degumming, in addition to acid, bleaching, ming oil function. At the same time with molecular filtration, coagulation dehydration, box filter, pressure filtration, vacuum depth drying and other combinations;

Double stages vacuum transformer oil purifier use fuzzy control technology, reliable operation, long life; with pressure overload protection, automatic anti-dry, automatic foam, automatic oil level control function; Oil tanker comes with cooling water tank, self-cooling cycle;

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant can do online (do not destroy the vacuum) discharge separation of water; centrifugal separation of oil purifier works simple, the effect is significant. In its interior there is a rotor with a dual spray nozzle, only by the pressure generated by the oil to provide its driving force. After the equipment is turned on, the oil in the tank is sent to the rotor through the pump. After the oil is filled with the rotor, it is discharged along the lower nozzle of the turntable, which causes the rotor to rotate at high speed. Its speed can reach 4000-6000r.p.m above, the resulting strength of more than 2000 times the gravity to the principle of centrifugal direct drive impurities in the separation of oil from the oil. Hard and sharp abrasive metal material, plus those that wear parts or make the oil deterioration of the residual deposits, even if the size of 1μm can also be removed. The separated impurities are attached to the impurity collection cap in the rotor and can be cleaned on a regular basis. In addition, because the proportion of water than oil, under the action of centrifugal force, the water from the oil separation exists in the rotor oil pan, only in the cleaning can be removed. The filtered oil flows directly into the tank through gravity.

From the above information, we can know that the two-stage vacuum transformer oil purification plant is the first to achieve the "big pumping speed", that is, efficiency, rapid increase in vacuum; the second increase in vacuum flash area, the effective rapid emulsification eliminating, remove moisture. Two-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier in the external form of performance is two vacuum cans, increase the vacuum negative pressure and increase the oil in the vacuum environment when the oil and water separation of the exposure area, while by controlling the vacuum between the two vacuum to achieve the regulation of vacuum and low pressure to achieve indirect regulation of drainage and exhaust. The corresponding single-stage vacuum is only a vacuum jar, the double stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier has much better purification performance and reach higher standard.

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