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Centrifugal Oil Separator
Disc-type Centrifugal Oil Separator Purifier for Marine Oil,Turbine Oil October 8,2018.

ACORE DCS Disc-type Centrifugal Oil Purifier can quickly and continuously separate the solid liquid and the liquid and liquid. It is a kind of a vertical centrifuge. The drum is mounted on the upper end of the vertical shaft and driven by a motor to rotate at a high speed. The drum has a set of disc-shaped parts that are nested together. There is a small gap between the disc and the disc. The suspension (or emulsion) is added to the drum by a feed tube located in the center of the drum. When the suspension (or emulsion) passes through the gap between the discs, the solid particles (or droplets) settle to the disc under the action of a centrifuge to form a sediment (or liquid layer). The sediment slides along the surface of the disc to separate from the disc and accumulates in the portion of the drum having the largest diameter, and the separated liquid is discharged from the liquid outlet to the drum. The function of the disc is to shorten the settlement distance of the solid particles (or droplets) and enlarge the settlement area of the drum. The drum has greatly improved the productivity of the separator due to the installation of the disc. The solids accumulated in the drum are dismantled by the drum after the machine is shut down, or are discharged from the drum by the slag discharge machine without stopping the machine.

DCS Disc-type Centrifugal Oil Separator can perform two operations: liquid-solid separation (ie separation of low concentration suspension), called clarification operation; liquid-liquid (or liquid-liquid-solid separation) (ie separation of emulsion), weigh Separation operation. With its compact structure, small footprint and large production capacity, the disc separator has been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, bioengineering and transportation sectors.

Centrifugal Oil Separator

Advantages of DCS Centrifugal Oil Purifier:

1. The weight of the equipment makes the machine have a lower center of gravity and a smoother operation.

2. The fuselage castings must be aged to avoid machine deformation and reduce the failure rate.

3. All parts except the drive belt and bearings are produced by themselves to ensure the accuracy of the parts.

4. The tubular processing technology is special to ensure the strength of the equipment and no hygienic angle.

5. The drum will not be naturally deformed, reduce the equipment failure rate and increase the service life.

6. A single system, different materials and different structures, increase production and yield.

7. High performance and efficiency, long guaranteed period.

DCS Centrifugal Oil Purifier mainly used for filtration treatment of marine oil, diesel fuel, turbine oil, etc.

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