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HFR Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Fire-resistant & Anti-Fuel Oil Purifier August 20,2018.

After using the HFR Anti-Fuel Oil Purifier for a period of time, we need to carry out proper maintenance, maintenance and cleaning. Of course. The Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Fire-resistant Oil Purifier must be serviced and maintained after a period of use. In the later cleaning process of the Anti-Fuel Oil Purifier, special attention should be paid to the stainless steel wire mesh of the filter element that cannot be deformed. If the deformation is found, it must be replaced in time.

Features of Phosphate Ester Fire-resistant Oil Purifier

1. Using fuel-compatible materials and vacuum oil dehydration, multi-stage precision filtration, new adsorbent deacidification and other oil purification technology.

2. Stainless steel tanks, pipes and filter elements, durable, reliable, not easy to corrode.

3. Complex three-dimensional flash, with unique and efficient dehydration, degassing components, can quickly and effectively separate the moisture, gas and volatiles in the oil.

4. Automatic backwash function to improve the efficiency of use.

5. Advanced media condensing system.

6. New high-efficiency electric heating system with low heating load, uniform heating and low energy consumption.

7. The Phosphate Ester Fire-resistant Oil Purifier adopts the whole machine interlock protection device, and the heater, oil pump and liquid level controller work together.

HFR Phosphate Ester Fire-resistant Oil Purifier

Operating Procedures:

1. Connect the wire hose of the inlet and outlet ports.

2. The first step is to turn on the main power switch and the power indicator is on. Check whether the valve is completely closed to see if it can be vacuumed. If the pressure cannot be pressed, the power cable may be reversed, the motor may be reversed, or the neutral wire may not be connected; if the vacuum is less than -0.08, look at the vacuum pump oil. Whether it is emulsified, shut down to check for air leakage, whether the valve is closed or the wire hose connection is not tight.

3. The second step starts the vacuum pump button, and the anti-fuel oil filter opens the oil inlet valve. At this time, the oil slowly enters the equipment. When the oil water separator liquid level gauge sees the oil or the solenoid valve automatically deflates, the heating button is activated to open the fine Filter the inlet valve. The third step starts the oil pump machine and starts working.

4. At the beginning, if there is too much water in the oil, if the vacuum is below -0.04MPa, the solenoid valve should be slightly vented, and the inlet valve should be slightly closed. -0.04~-0.08MPa is normal, such as higher than -0.08MPa has not been deflated, please check the liquid level floating and solenoid valve damage, trip failure or fine filter plug.

5. Adjust the temperature controller, move the small button in the middle of the traffic light on the Phosphate Ester Fire-resistant Oil Purifier to the “set” position, adjust the knob above, set the temperature, and adjust the button in the middle of the traffic light to the “measurement” position. At this time, the temperature controller displays the temperature as the actual temperature. The temperature controller enters the working state and automatically controls the heating system.

6. When the vacuum is above -0.08MPa and the oil temperature is also 80°C, the wind blown by the condenser is cold air. When the iron pipe on the top of the oil-water separation is at a constant temperature, the water has been cleaned. Then open the oil filter valve of the plate and frame oil filter and slowly close the fine filter oil inlet valve. The oil flows out of the oil outlet of the plate frame, and the oil flowing out of the plate frame is qualified oil.

7. After the oil flows out of the plate frame, the impurities will stay on the surface of the filter paper/filter cloth. The pressure will increase gradually against the Anti-Fuel Oil Purifier. When the pressure exceeds 0.3MPa, the machine will automatically stop, and the filter paper should be cleaned/replaced.

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