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High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine
High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine Manufacturer - ACORE August 12,2018.

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine manufactured by ACORE is mainly used in the power industry, railway, petrochemical, metallurgical and other fields. For unqualified transformer oil, transformer oil, capacitor oil, high-voltage switch oil, circuit breaker oil and other insulating oils, it can quickly and efficiently remove harmful substances such as moisture, gas and mechanical impurities in oil, and improve flash point and pressure resistance value.

ACORE High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine can process unqualified transformer oil without power failure, non-stop production, no oil change, no filter paper, and transformer running. It can also be used for vacuum oiling of transformers and drying of various wet electrical equipment. The Transformer Oil Filtering Machine can quickly purify traces of water, gas and mechanical impurities in the oil, so that the filtered oil can reach or close to the new oil use standard. This Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine can be operated with the transformer oil special oil filter regeneration device to process the aging oil. It can effectively reduce the acid value and improve the color. The precise filtration system has strong particle purification ability, can effectively remove the particulate impurities in the oil, and configure the automatic detection function of the filter pollution degree, automatic constant temperature control system and automatic liquid level control. The system, automatic foam eliminating control system, automatic pressure protection system and sophisticated configuration ensure high-performance operation of the equipment.

The Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering Machine is equipped with interlocking safety protection. The oil discharge system, vacuum system and heating system are interlocked to avoid the adverse effects caused by wrong operation. There is a filter replacement instruction, a filter saturation stop device, and a phase sequence. Phase loss protection function, sudden stop safety control. This Online Transformer Oil Filtering Machine can be unmanned, the operating state is displayed by indicator light, the machine is humanized design, low noise, easy operation, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption and save operating costs.

In the face of fierce market competition, some transformer oil filter machine enterprises that have no independent research and development capabilities are pursuing a beautiful appearance, counterfeiting brand products, internal functions and accessories materials are basically not valued, and sold at low prices after, resulting in market confusion. The consumer was led to misunderstand that the quality of the oil filter is almost the same, so the market has a low price and chaotic price. In the case that China's low-end production capacity cannot be delayed, many customers purchase the transformer oil filter machine, which also leads to the pursuit of “will, regardless of the use effect and function, blindly suppress the price, eventually leads to rogue producers to cater to the incorrect negative The concept of consumption. Undoubtedly, this has contributed to the low-quality, low-quality and low-service three-low enterprise finally occupying a certain position in the market, forming the effect of bad money to drive out good money.

The short-term benefits of the Oil Filter Machine for Transformers drove the merchants to ignore the quality and reputation, and turned a sunrise industry into a “chaotic industry”, which subsequently triggered the negative consumption thinking of customers and caused a vicious circle of the market. As everyone knows, of oil filter machines must break through in the market competition, and always rely on quality, technology, and integrity services. At present, the market competition of transformer oil special oil filter industry has gradually become internationalized. Enterprises must change and innovate ideas, formulate a high starting point development strategy, actively explore new market areas, and continuously develop R&D cores through the introduction of high-end professional and technical personnel. Competitive new technologies and new products can make the company bigger and stronger.

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