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Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
How to Improve the life of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine April 5,2017.

As large nuclear power plants, power plants, transformers run for a long time without interruption, even a few years before a downtime maintenance. So Transformer Oil Filtration Machine also stop for a long time without working. Generally, it is not used for several months. In this condition, we should care following aspects during the operation of Transformer Oil Purifier

4000L/H High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

First: Shut down the order, first turn off the heater (remember this must be the first off), if not the first heater, may lead to empty, may cause the machine burned, or even cause serious Leakage and other dangerous accidents. Second, after closing the heater, we need to keep the vacuum pump and the oil pump running, until the oil cools to 50 degrees below the time in the next step, because if the high oil temperature in the case of downtime, high temperature oil may be sealed Have an adverse effect. And then turn off the vacuum pump, and the oil pump, while opening the vacuum tank on the release valve to remove the vacuum, due to low internal pressure may not be able to rule out the oil inside the machine. In the exclusion of oil tank when we can take a reasonable use of the pump and the ball valve opening and closing, the effective elimination of the remaining oil inside the machine. At the same time we need to pay attention to is that if it is not suitable for a long time machine, this time we must be completely inside the machine to remove the remaining oil clean. Once again boot the next time to successfully boot, and will not pollute the nature of the oil when running again.

Second: Maintenance of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine during stop

1. After prolonged use, we need to pay attention to check the electrical equipment and lines are burning black phenomenon, if found to promptly remove the problem.

2. After long-term use, we must regularly replace the vacuum pump in the vacuum pump oil.

3. Regular or long time before you must use the filter must be cleaned to prevent impurities hardening coke plug filter.

3. Each time the condensate condensed water is removed to prevent water from corroding the body.

Above aspects are precautions of shutdown of Transformer Oil Purifier. We must pay attention to the daily maintenance, which are important for improve the working life of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine.

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