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Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester
Insulation Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester July 27,2017.

Insulation Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester (BDV tester) is done with regard to checking the dielectric strength from the oil in the transformer. Dielectric strength indicates the maximum capability to withstand breakdown of insulation oil. This test displays the dielectric strength associated with Transformer essential oil.

In transformer oil offers mainly 2 purposes, very first for padding, second because cooling regarding transformer primary and other turning. So whilst designing transformer oil use within transformer depends upon voltage ranking. So screening of necessary oil is done based on voltage score. For the purpose of BDV Test, insulating oil sample through transformer is actually taken in a good example bottle. While taking small sample of oil from transformer, sample container should be cleared well through transformer oil and oil based in small sample bottle ought to be vented correctly so that atmospheric moisture could hardly ingress within the sample petroleum. A typical method of taking essential oil sample within Sample Container is demonstrated in number below.

DST Transformer Insulating Oil Tester

Dielectric strength will be measured simply by observing in what résistance, sparking straits between a couple of electrodes surfaced in the necessary oil, separated by simply specific difference. Low related to BDV signifies presence involving moisture content material and performing substances inside the oil. With regard to measuring breakdown voltage of transformer oil, portable BDV Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester kit is normally available at website. In this package, oil is usually kept within a pot by which one set of electrodes tend to be fixed having a gap connected with two.

Right now gradually increasing dielectric strength is definitely used between electrodes. Value with increase of breakdown voltage is usually managed from two KV/s as well as take notice of the trouble where sparking begins involving the electrodes. Which means from which concentration dielectric power about transformer oil amongst the electrodes continues to be separated. A normal associated with BDV measuring record for two hundred and twenty KV transformer oil can be 65 KV.

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