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Vacuum Oil Purifier
Maintenance and Procedure of Vacuum Oil Purifier - ACORE November 27,2018.

Water and particulate pollution will be dissolved in oil after using a period, which will accelerate the deterioration of the oil, increase the fatigue of the metal, and aggravate the wear of the traveling components. The Vacuum Oil Purifier can purify oil without stopping production, reduce production costs, prevent burning and discharging of waste oil, and avoid environmental pollution. ACORE Vacuum Oil Purifier is widely used in purification treatment of transformer oil, turbine oil, switch oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil and other industrial oils. The function of the vacuum oil purifier can make the mild deterioration of the oil to achieve the standard performance of new oil. Generally, the vacuum oil purifier is consisted of a heating tank, pre-filter, a condenser, fine filter, water tank, vacuum pump, oil pump and an electric cabinet. The Vacuum Oil Purification Machine is a new type of filtration equipment with small size, light weight, convenient movement, low noise, long continuous working time, stable performance and convenient operation.

Fault analysis and maintenance of Vacuum Oil Purifier:

Fault 1: The filter plate of Oil Purification Machine is damaged as a common fault. If the filter plate is damaged in a large amount,

Cause Analysis:

(1) The quality of the filter plate manufacturing is not qualified;

(2) The filter plate material is selected to not match the lift parameters of the feed pump;

(3) The diaphragm press shall consider both the quality of the diaphragm oil filter and the quality of the inner steel lining.

Fault 2: Under normal conditions, the pressure on both sides of the filter plate is in equilibrium. When the two sides of the filter plate are in different filtration stages, that is, one side is filtered and the other side is hydraulically squeezed, a pressure difference is formed on both sides of the filter plate, thereby damaging the filter plate.

Cause Analysis:

1 During the unloading process, the amount of mud remaining on both sides of the filter plate is greatly different;

2 After the filter press starts to filter, the feed pump stops for a long time, and the filter cake in the semi-flow state of the filter chamber sinks to different degrees;

3 The filter hole of the filter plate is blocked.

Fault: 3: Thermometer failure of Vacuum Oil Purification Machine

Cause analysis: The oil thermometer is faulty or the heater is burnt out, the line is broken, and the contact arm does not match.

Solution: Replace thermometer sensor of heater, replace the heater, and adjust the oil quantity control.

Fault 4: Under normal working conditions, the pressure of the Oil Purification Machine is greater than 0.3 MPa.

Analysis of the cause: Because pipe is too long, the oil level is too high, the oil diameter is too small or the pipe is too small, it causes difficulty in oil absorption.

Solution: change the length of pipe or replace the tubing with a more reasonable setting.

Fault 5: Block of Vacuum Oil Purifier

Analysis of the cause: Prolonged use will cause accumulation of impurities inside the filter elements and blockage of the oil suction filter will increase the pressure.

Solution: Replace the filter cartridge and clean the oil filter housing.

Fault 6: Oil suction failure of Oil Filtration System

Analysis of the cause: The filter elements contains too much impurities, which makes it difficult to absorb oil.

Solution: Clean up the impurities and contaminants in the oil filter machine. The problem is serious and the filter element can be replaced.

Fault 7: Vacuum pump injection failure of Oil Filtration System

Analysis of the cause: the oil contains too much water, the oil floats up and sucks into the vacuum pump, and the liquid level of the vacuum pump rises too much.

Solution: maintain the oil position, not higher than the oil level line.

Daily maintenance and precautions of Oil Filtration System:

Oil filtration system includes primary filter, vacuum evaporator, oil pump, filter unit, condenser and vacuum pump. Under normal pressure, impure oil enters the vacuum evaporator through the main filter. The oil is heated above 100 ° C and sprayed into the vacuum chamber to form small oil droplets. The water in the oil evaporates quickly into steam, which condenses into a condenser and is discharged. Non-condensed water vapor is discharged from the vacuum pump to the atmosphere and collected at the bottom of the vacuum evaporation pond. The evaporated and dehydrated oil is sent to a filtering device through an oil pump to filter solid impurities in the oil to further absorb a trace amount of water. In order to maintain the filter, we should do regular cleaning work.

If the filter is used for a long time, the cleanliness of the filter will decrease. According to the actual situation, the filter components should be replaced regularly to achieve better filtering.

Do not change the filter if the Vacuum Oil Purifier is running. In this way, there will be only shortcomings and no benefits, no matter where they are, and then the equipment will be checked occasionally and repaired appropriately. The gasket between the filter and the connection frame must be tightly sealed to ensure no leakage.

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