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Fuel Purifier
Manufacture Coalescer Fuel & Oil Purifier for Diesel & Turbine Oils August 16,2019.

ACORE CSF Coalescer Fuel & Oil Purifier consists of a coarse filtration system, a secondary filtration system, a fine filtration system and a coalescing separation chamber, an oil pump and a circuit control system. It includes three functions:

1. filtration and dehydration function, removing emulsified water, free water and impurities in the corresponding oil.

2. filtering the oil separately and using it as a fuel dispenser. Its working principle is: the oil flows through the special high efficiency the filter element passes through the filter element from the surface and the inside, and the progressive pore structure which gradually shrinks along the flow direction, layering and intercepting different sizes of pollution particles, maximizing the service life and filtration efficiency of the filter element.

3. Setting the inner circulation for easy replacement of coalescence Separate the filter element.

CSF Coalescer Fuel Purifier is suitable for the purification of light oil such as aviation fuel, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc., removes moisture and impurities in oil, prolongs nozzle life and improves fuel engine efficiency. The Oil Purifier is ideal for oil depots and gas storage stations. Meanwhile, CSF Coalescer Fuel Purifier adopts explosion proof structure for filtration of fuel.

Working principle of CSF Coalescer Fuel & Oil Purifier

The oil first enters the coarse filtration system in the system. After treatment, the impurities of the large particles are removed to protect the oil pump from damage. The oil is pumped into the secondary filtration system and processed into the coalescing filter in the coalescence chamber. Due to the unique polar molecular structure of the coalescing filter material, the free water in the oil and the emulsified water coalesce into large water droplets after passing through the filter core, and sink into the water storage tank under the action of gravity. The fine water molecules accompany the oil to the separation filter element under inertia. The separation filter element is made of a special hydrophobic material. When the oil passes, the fine water molecules are blocked outside the filter element, gather together, and finally settle by gravity to the water storage tank at the lower part of the coalescence chamber. After dewatering, the oil enters the fine filtration system to ensure that the cleanliness of the oil entering the user's fuel tank meets the design criteria.

Besides filtration of fuel, CSF Oil Purifier also can be used for lube oil, hydraulic oil and turbine oils.

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