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Transformer Oil Purification Machine
Mobile High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine Supplier - ACORE December 27,2018.

ACORE designed a high Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine, which is good mobile vacuum oil purifier for repair and installation of electric equipment.

Our MTP Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification mounted on trailer will eliminate moisture, gas, carbon as well as particulate through transformer insulating oil. Meanwhile, this vacuum oil purifier also can be used for other insulation oil filled in transformers.

Oil is pumped into Vacuum Oil Purifier system through inlet pump or vacuum pressure, then go through coarse filter tank, heating units and to the vacuum chamber where water and gas are exhibited off.

Water removal from 50 PPM down to 3 PPM

Gas removal from 10% down to 0. 1%

Particulate elimination to 0.5 micron

Dielectric strength to improve to 75kw or higher

Valve and also piping streets allow for controlling flow. The Mobile Vacuum Oil Purifier also works under a number of modes. Heating system and purification mode circulation rates from 10-300 GPM. Degassing along with dehydration setting flow prices up to 10-300.

Heating capacity approximately 30-200 kW.

MTP Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant features a vacuum chamber which includes an olive oil sealed vane style support pump along with a roots booster-style for stream rates about 600 CFM and difficulties down to 0.5 torr. Valves tend to be included vacuum drying system for transformers.

The Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant is encased within a weatherproof housing and installed on a single axle or double axles trailer. Trailer improvements will be essential for over the street use. all of us also develop trailers therefore these adjustments can be done rapidly and financially.

The Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant is controlled by a PLC and incorporates a touch screen to communicate functional conditions. Heating units a split up into two settings. The cp also includes stage indication, energy light, E-Stop, pump changes, alarm away button in addition to heater change. The user interface also includes a complete vacuum measure reading.

The vacuum vessels of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine include lower maintenance polypropylene dispersion disks with lots of void area. The dispersal design enables oil optimum exposure associated with vacuum circumstances for the effective removal of humidity and smells. The hoover chamber consists of foam manage, level handle and a good overflow container with liquid level sensor.

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