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Mobile Oil Purifier Machine
Mobile Oil Purifier Machine For Treatment of Transformer Oils August 13,2018.

ACORE MTP model Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine is mainly used in the power sector and industrial and mining enterprises to deal with unqualified transformer oil, insulating oil, transformer oil, etc. It can efficiently remove moisture, gas and impurities from insulating oil, and improve the compressive strength and oil of oil. The good quality Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine guarantees the safe operation of the power equipment, and has the functions of vacuum oil injection and online operation.

The MTP Mobile Oil Treatment Machine of Transformer has the characteristics of small and high efficiency, convenient movement, and can be used indoors and outdoors. It adopts infrared liquid level automatic controller device, system pressure automatic protection device and high-efficiency degassing and water-removing components, which is convenient and safe to operate. MTP Mobile Oil Treatment Machine of Transformer is used in power plants, power stations, power companies, substation industries, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railways, etc., on-site overhaul of transformers for large substations above 110KV, as well as high-grade new oil, imported oil, mutual inductance Deep purification of oils such as oil and ultra-high voltage transformer oil.  Meanwhile, MTP Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Machine can also be used for vacuum oiling and drying of transformers.

Mobile Trailer Transformer Oil Purification Treatment Plant

MTP Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Machine can purify new or old insulating oil, ultra high pressure transformer oil, capacitor oil, switch oil, reactor oil, etc. it adopts two-stage vacuum pumping unit and advanced dehydration and degassing system, using large-area three-dimensional flashing The technology of the Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier can quickly and efficiently remove harmful components such as moisture, impurities and hydrocarbons in the oil, and improve the flash point and dielectric strength of the insulating oil. The mobile oil treatment machine of transformer can meet the vacuum or vacuum injection of the transformer body at the installation or overhaul site. The precision filtration system, high-quality filter element, multi-stage filtration and step-by-step encryption can effectively remove the mechanical impurities in the oil and configure the automatic detection of the pollution degree of the filter element.

MTP Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Machine advanced automatic constant temperature control system, automatic liquid level control system, automatic foaming control system, automatic pressure protection system and sophisticated configuration to ensure high-performance operation of the equipment, online oil filtering, unattended, operating status by The indicator light is displayed. The mobile oil treatment machine of transformer has humanized design, low noise, simple operation, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption and running cost. The whole machine is equipped with interlocking safety protection. The oil discharge system, vacuum system and heating system are interlocked to avoid the disadvantages caused by wrong operation.

MPT Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine is equipped with filter replacement indicator, filter saturation stop device, leakage, overload stop device, protection motor, phase sequence, phase loss protection function, sudden shutdown safety control. The Transformer Oil Treatment Machine adopts the world's first coalescence separation technology, and the special polymer material emulsification device can quickly and easily separate the liquid water and free water in the oil, and also remove the dissolved water in the oil.

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