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Transformer Oil Treatment Plant
Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Plant Mounted On Trailer - ACORE Oil Purifier Manufacturer April 18,2018.

Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Plant mounted on trailer MTP model from China ACORE Oil Purifier Manufacturer has the features of fully enclosed structure, waterproof, dustproof and online oil filtration processing at site. The main construction of MTP mobile oil treatment plant as following:

1. Installs automobile tires, bridge shock absorbers, brake assemblies, steel structure welding of the entire vehicle, and guarantees 60KM/H speed.

3.  Effectively treatment of unqualified transformer oil with the functions of dewatering, degassing, impurity removal.

4. New high-efficiency electric heating system, low heating load, uniform heating, low energy consumption

5. Automatic infrared liquid level controller, pressure protection system, simple operation, safe and reliable

6. Adopt interlock protection device, heater, oil pump and level controller to work together

Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Mounted On Trailer

Model MTP Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Plant from China ACORE Oil Purifier Manufacturer is suitable for dealing with unqualified transformer oil, switch oil, capacitor oil, cable oil, circuit breakers and other insulating oil. The purification treatment is applied to special equipment such as power plants, power stations, power companies, metallurgy, petrochemicals, railways, and other industrial and mining enterprises to purify unqualified electrical insulating oils. The Mobile Oil Treatment Plant for Transformers can also perform vacuum injection pumping on insulated power equipment and vacuum dry electrical equipment.

Main Features of MTP Mobile Oil Treatment Plant

1. Three-dimensional flash evaporation, high efficiency dehydration and degassing

2. The impurity removal technology combined with mesh filtration and polymer adsorption makes the cost of the consumables of the equipment small, and the filtration accuracy is high, achieving effective filtration and purification.

3. With automatic anti-dry, automatic anti-foaming device to effectively prevent the vacuum system running oil, fuel injection; with a highly sensitive red - outside line level automatic control system; this machine also set up a safety protection system, when the filter pressure is too high When the motor overloads, over-currents or illegal operations are performed, the equipment will automatically stop and emit audible and visual alarms, which will protect the whole machine and eliminate the worries of the operators.

4. The Mobile Oil Treatment Plant is possible to vacuum-fill transformers and other insulated power equipment and vacuum dry them.

5. With unique vacuum oil filling function, it is convenient for overhauling and newly installing transformers. It can realize no moisture-filling of transformers under vacuum state to ensure the internal coils and cores of the transformers are dry and ensure the quality of oil injection.

6. MTP Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Plant mounted on trailer also has the features of online purification working

7. The Mobile Oil Treatment Plant from China ACORE Oil Purifier Manufacturer has three-in-one interlocking electric automatic protection device (phase sequence protection, overload protection, and overvoltage protection). It adopts the company's special precision oil pump, low noise, and is in line with the world's environmental protection. High standard requirements.

8. Convenient and simple on-line drainage device can realize non-stop drainage. Completely avoid the need to stop the same type of machine, first destroy the vacuum before the discharge of condensate water shortages, so that work efficiency is improved, the operation is more convenient;

9. MTP Mobile Transformer Oil Treatment Plant from China ACORE Oil Purifier Manufacturer can be used together with fuller earth regeneration device to remove acid, color, carbon and reduce dielectric loss.

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