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Transformer Oil Treatment Plant
6000LPH Transformer Oil Treatment Plant DVTP-100 for Sale February 27,2018.

The DVTP-100 (6000LPH) Transformer Oil Treatment Plant is suitable for dealing with transformer insulation oil by first heating system it after which passing this through specifically designed filtration system and then disclosing it in order to vacuum chamber which dehydrates and degasifies the oil to achieve subsequent improvements after treatment according to IS 335-1993 for treatment of new Treansformer Oil and IS 1866 for utilized transformer oil cleaning.

1. Breakdown strength

2. Water content

3. Gas contant

4. Impurities content

5. Acidity content

6. Tan Delta

DVTP-100(6000LPH) Transformer Oil Treatment Plant will generally verify to internation stand ICE.

The Oil Treatment of Transformer shall be created for high vacuum dehydration and cold, frigidity, frigidness, coldness of crude oil for attaining required outcomes.

The DVTP-100 Transformer Oil Treatment Machine will be mobile kind mounted on 4 pneumatic tires with car towing and raising arrangement, Spinning Mounted or even Skid Installed as per requirement. The oil treatment machine will probably be weather proofed and should be suitable for external use. The case are provided along with doors associated with linens, hinged upon fabricated framework work, perspectives and stations to have entry to operational handles and examination windows and so on. The Transformer Oil Treatment Machine would be enclosed and guarded against temperature.

All elements shall possess adequate power and stiffness to withstand regular conditions regarding handling transportation and utilization and will likely be free from sides or edges to avoid problems for operating staff in standard conditions of usage. The design of the actual oil cleaner plant will likely to be such that in case required the particular part/s may be easily replaced. Correct guarding set up shall be supplied on almost all such components which because of their position as well as nature involving operation tend to be liable to trigger accidents.

The DVTP-100 Transformer Oil Treatment Plant are generally higher vacuum sort consisting of large vacuum making system composed of of high machine capacity Rotary oil close off type penis pumps and Mechanised booster pump motor, which produce high cleaner for degasifying dissolved gas and dampness contains contact form the transformer oil.

For degasifying and dehydrating typically the oil is actually heated upto the desired temperatures and then it really is filtered via specially created filters such as magnetic strainer, press filtration, bag filtering, fine filtration system, micro separate out, Ironic Response Column, and so on as per requirement of degasification procedure. Oil will be sprayed away for degassing where fumes and humidity being engrossed in thought through excessive vacuum program. After degasifying the process oil based is being removed by release pump through the degassing slot provided under vacuum.

DVTP-100 Transformer Oil Treatment Plant bring online along with off-line treatment of transformer oil filled in various capability transformers.

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