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Pump Importance of Oil Filtration Machine June 14,2017.

Oil Pump of Oil Filtration Machine is very important, it can be said that a good oil pump can provide a better efficiency of the oil filter. Commonly oil pump can be divided into gear pump, vane pump, piston pump three. Gear pump for low pressure system, the oil pollution is not sensitive; leaf pump output flow uniformity, pulsation is small, the noise is small, but the oil absorption characteristics are not very good, sensitive to oil pollution; plunger pump easy to get high precision with the leakage Small, high volumetric efficiency, and vane pump commonly used in high-pressure system, the oil pollution is also sensitive.

PT High Precision Portable Oil Filtration Machine

One gear pump is commonly divided into KCB gear pump and YCB gear pump. KCB gear pump internal gear for the helical gear structure, the gear by the heat treatment has a high hardness and strength, together with the shaft installed in the replaceable sleeve operation. All parts of the pump lubrication in the pump work with the output medium and automatically reached. The pump has a reasonable design of the drain and oil return tank, the gear in the work to withstand the minimum torque force, so the bearing load is small, wear small, high pump efficiency. KCB gear pump advantage is affordable to allow customers to accept more easily. But the drawback is that the teeth between the great wear and tear, high noise, the service life is shorter, usually in some operating conditions used as a consumable.

YCB arc gear pump double arc plus sinusoidal curve into a tooth, won the national major scientific and technological achievements project, and the State Education Commission scientific and technological progress third prize. The circular gears are in continuous contact with each other between the two gears, and do not cause the phenomenon of trapped oil, which completely solves the phenomenon that the gear pump causes the vibration, noise and bearing load of the pump due to the trapped oil. The gears are made of double circular arcs. Compared with the gear, the most prominent advantage is that the tooth profile is not sliding relative to the gear meshing process. Therefore, the tooth surface is free from abrasion, smooth operation, no liquid phenomenon, low noise, long life and high efficiency. The traditional design of the shackles makes the gear pump in the design, production and use into a new field. YCB arc gear pump is the biggest feature of low noise, pressure, and has a good energy saving effect. YCB arc gear pump cost higher than the KCB gear pump, but consider the performance in the use of Oil Filtration machine performance, longer life, the price is higher than some desirable.

Screw pump used in the Oil Filtration Machine when the advantages are: smooth running, smooth flow, low noise, no eddy current pulsation, no shear, and adapt from very low to very high viscosity (-20 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃), self- Good sexual ability. But the disadvantage is due to the inter-rotor friction between the large torque required. Efficiency is low, often shaft absorption power 1kw, manufacturers will be equipped with 3kw or even larger motor; structural reasons the pump stator and seal is supplies; style slender, the need for larger installation space. Conventional oil filters are generally not used in this type, only in the machine configuration requires a special pump configuration, in order to match the performance to improve the machine will use the pump.

In the choice of Oil Filtration Machine pumps flow when the need to pay attention to: the pump flow must be greater than the maximum flow when the system work. Because taking into account of Oil Filtration Machine inlet and outlet ports due to changes in pressure resistance caused by loss of oil flow. The Oil Filtration Machine plays a very important role in the middle of our production work. However, in the actual operation process, we must according to their own needs, to buy the appropriate product, if not, then, for our use, is a very big impact. Oil Filtration Machine is environmentally friendly energy-saving, choose the right to give you the oil filtration and recycling to bring maximum efficiency.

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