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TCF Online Load Tap Changer Oil Purifier
TCF Online Oil Purifier for Transformer Onload Tap Changer September 19,2018.

TCF Online Oil Purifier is connected with transformer on-load tap-changer to form a closed-circuit circulation system. It is used for circulating filter of insulating oil in tapping switch to remove particles, carbon particles, water and impurities in oil. The oil purifier can improve insulation strength and performance of the switch insulating oil.

TCF Online Transformer Onload Tap Changer Oil Purifier consists of an oil pump, an electrical control box and two filters. The oil is pumped out of the tap-changer. First, an impurity filter is used to filter the impurities in the oil. The water removal filter adsorbs water from the oil. When working, the oil circuit is full of oil, no residual air, and is in a closed loop state. Its structure mainly includes oil pump, motor, filter, connecting oil pipe, control components and so on.

TCF Online Load Tap Changers Oil Filtration System


1. Online automatic operation.

2. Reliable security protection.

3. The filter element fails or blocks the automatic alarm.

4. Remove free carbon from the oil.

5. Remove water from the oil.

6. Remove impurities such as metal particles in the oil

7. Extend the life of the insulating oil.

8, reduce the number of power outages.

The TCF Online Transformer Onload Tap Changer Oil Purifier adopts Italy Filtrec cartridge filter elements,. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing and other industries. The filter cartridges are professional on-load tap-changers for transformers in the power industry. TCF Online Oil Purifier can effectively remove free carbon, particulate impurities and moisture in oil, improve the breakdown voltage of insulating oil, and extend the service life of insulating oil, thus effectively protecting large transformers for safer and more efficient work.

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