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Transformer On-load Tap-changer Online Oil Filtration System August 31,2017.


The insulating oil of the transformer on-load tap-changer is polluted by the free carbon and various solid particles produced by the frequent switching of the switch. In addition, the oil absorbs water and the resistance of the insulating oil++, The water content increases, the contact function of the switch decreases, the oil pollution further increases, forming the vicious circle. "On-load tap-changer operation and maintenance guide" stipulates: "On-load tap-changer every 1 or 2 years or 5000 ~ 10000 times or breakdown voltage 25kv, which should be open cover or purify oil". It is recommended that" tap-changer operation with frequent operation should be carried out with filter oil or installed on-line Oil Filtration System, while the operation and maintenance of live or 'on-line' Oil Filter Machine should be strengthened and correct use."

Online Transformer On-load Tap-changer Oil Filtration System is to solve the problem of insulating oil deterioration in the on-load tap-changer. In the transformer operation, the transformer oil in the on-load tap-changer of the transformer is charged. Clean the solid impurities, free carbon and moisture by using an online oil purifier to ensure the oil and insulation strength of the onboard tap changer oil, increase the number of switching times, extend the maintenance cycle, improve safety and reliability, to ensure safe power supply.

The on-line Transformer On-load Tap-changer Oil Filter Machine is composed of two parts: filter and motor. The main components are oil pump, motor, particle filter, water filter, connecting tubing, pressure gauge, differential pressure relay and control element. The inlet and outlet tubing of the device are respectively connected with the oil outlet pipe and the oil inlet pipe of the on-load tap-changer oil chamber. The oil circuit should be filled with oil and no residual air, and it is in the closed loop state.


Online Transformer On-load Tap-changer Oil Filtration System is used to purify the transformer oil through the oil pump pressure to the transformer oil in the filter with a filter tank to complete the pump after the start, the on-load tap-changer transformer oil through the pipe into the filter tank , The oil filtered through the filter tank and then injected into the on-load tap-changer.

Oil pump motor with overheating, overload trip device.

Because filter is from role of filter oil, the filter will accumulate some dirt. When the dirt is more and more, it will affect the transformer oil filtration and circulation, causing the pressure inside the filter tank.

The pressure gauge is used to monitor the pressure in the oil tank. The signal contact of the pressure switch is set at the specified pressure value. When the pressure switch reaches the working pressure, the contact main power source of the oil filter device is cut off. And composite filter 2, the paper filter only purifies the role of the transformer oil, composite filter not only from the role of filtration of transformer oil, but also the role of dry oil.

As a professional manufacturer of Transformer On-load Tap-changer Online Oil Filter Machine, Chongqing Acore Filtration Co. Ltd. is committed to providing high quality and efficient Transformer On-load Tap-changer Online Oil Filtration System with reasonable prices and good service. Meanwhile, we also supply 2 years warranty, free site installation, commissioning equipment and training.

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