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Transformers Online On-Load Tap Changer Oil Purifier

August 18,2017.

The impurity and moisture in insulating oil has harmful effects on the dielectric properties of insulating oil, the number of suspended particulates with water content and a diameter of 10 microns has a decisive influence on the dielectric strength of the oil. It is generally believed that suspended emulsified water and moisture corrosion products will cause a sharp increase in dielectric loss, moisture will promote the aging of insulating fibers to promote the corrosion of organic acids, and metal corrosion products will accelerate the aging of the oil, suspended particles in the electric field will form a conductive bridge and directly reduce the breakdown voltage of insulating oil.


Transformer on-load tap changer oil is also called switch oil. The amount of water in the switch oil will increase by ten moisture absorption, which is particularly evident in the high humidity area, and in the switch action moment generated by the arc, will be in the switch oil to generate carbon and metal particles, pressure and arc suppression capacity is reduced, contact pieces and insulating oil by the role of arc damage and thus increase, oil in the carbon home and metal grain growth and therefore intensified.


Since the quality of the switch oil is directly related to the safe operation of the on-load tap-changer, the power industry standard stipulates that the quality of the insulating oil in the on-load tap-changer should be the same as that of the transformer oil and clearly states that " Then the breakdown voltage of the switch is not less than 30kV ". The tap in the operation of frequent tap changer, should be used to filter oil or installed 'online filter device.


ACORE’s Online On-load Tap Changer Oil Purifier is mainly used to remove the free carbon, metal particles, impurities and other particulate matter of the insulating oil in the tap changer under the normal operation of the transformer and can absorb a large amount of organic acids and reduce the amount of moisture, effectively reducing the tap-free insulation oil contained in the free carbon, metal particles, impurities, organic acids, moisture content, improve the breakdown voltage and service life of insulating oil, so that insulating oil in the switch can reach the new insulating oil standard, improve the safety and reliability of the on-load tap changer, increase the number of times of the on-load tap changer, reduce the number of power failures, prolong the equipment maintenance cycle, improve the power supply quality, equipment, state maintenance, improve the safe operation of the grid level, reduce waste and environmental pollution.

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