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Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
Vacuum Drying and Filtration Machine for Transformer Oil - ACORE Mnanufacturer January 10,2018.

ACORE’s Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is designed and produced as the IS-6034 1989 standards with the latest modification and revision. For achieving the desired results, the Oil Filtration Plant is designed for high vacuum and vow temperature of oil.

The Transformer Oil Filtration Plant will have independent pumping system that can be used for degassing Chamber. The plant will be provided with control and indication Panel with full automation.   

The Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is made weather proof suitable for outdoor use. The doors of CRCA sheets, hinged on fabricated frame work, angles and channels for easy access to the operational control and Inspection windows. The equipment is designed to protect against climatic conditions.

All the components of Oil Filtration Plant have adequate strength and rigidity to withstand normal conditions of handling transport. The usage will be free from edges or corners to avoid injury to operational personnel in normal conditions of use. The plant is designed for undergoing easy replacement, whenever wanted. Abundant care is taken by providing the guarding arrangements to avoid accidents.

The Oil Filtration Machine for Transformer will be supplied with suitable vacuum pumping system, which will be effective at creating high vacuum, that is required to take away the moisture content material and fuel content through the oil. This really is directly driven through electric motor. In the very first stage we are going to provide rotary oil covered vane kind specially created for high vacuum cleaner pumping programs in degassing and dehydration chamber.

The Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine will receive customized power supply with four wire power through versatile cable within the distribution screen located on the flower. The inbound of the submission panel is going to be switch blend unit. Supply for earthing the plant in the operating areas with earthing terminals to safety will probably be provided.


Before Filtration

After Filtration

Removal of moisture

100 PPM


Removal of gases

10% by vol.

0.1% by vol.

Breakdown voltage

20 KV

70 KV

Vacuum pressure


0.1 mbar

Filtering rate

Many micron

1 Micron

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