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Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
HV Transformer Oil Filtration Machine and Drying Transformer At Site November 15,2017.

Transformer Oil Filtration, Drying, Dehydration and Degassing addresses the larger cost with regard to oils as well as ever increasing environment regulation and also liability. It really is no longer affordable to replace electric insulating oils to renew their own dielectric power. Restoring these types of oils for their original energy through purification is now essential. High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is made specifically to fulfill the operational, financial and ecological needs with purifying insulation oils. Via proven lacks, degasification, along with filtration methods, the Vacuum Transformer Oil Dehydration Plant easily and quickly remove water, gas and impurities.

1. Totally free and emulsified water down to less than 3 ppm

2. Free of charge and mixed air in addition to gases to be able to 0. 25% of complete gas content.

3.Particulate down to0.5 microns nominal

The Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine are super easy to use plus require hardly any maintenance. Actually replacement components are very affordable. Hi-Vac Techniques can be used because stationary models or produced within a number of trailer designs to be totally portable.


1. Systems created and made to meet your particular needs

2. Verified reliability backed with more than thirty-three years of encounter

3. Streamlined, secure, quiet, reliable operation

4. Eliminates impurities without having damage to expensive additives

5. Completely pre-piped, pre-wired, factory examined, and expecting immediate set up

6. Controls created for manual or even fully automated operation

7. Effective at full incorporation into checking and manage systems

8. Minimal coaching and time to operate, restricted demand and also preventative servicing, and affordable element alternative

8. Available since either a fixed unit (skid mounted) or perhaps as a transportable unit in a number of trailer constructions


1. Devices customized along with components to satisfy your specific specifications

2. Flow rate range from 10L per min to 300L per min

3. Maximum vacuum pressure (blank off) to help 0. 01 mm Hg

4. Typical working vacuum stress range throughout oil filtation at 0.5mbar

5. Full range involving heater capabilities available such as pre along with post heating units

6. Available in the majority of voltages to fulfill your specific requirements

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