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Vacuum Drying Machine
Vacuum Drying Machine for Evacuation of Transformer June 25,2018.

Transformer Vacuum Drying Machine is ideal for evacuation associated with Transformer Container. Each components of machine to be used high quality materials. The Capacity of vacuum drying machine differs according to the dimension and capability of transformers.

The Vacuum Drying Machine for transformer will be transportable, mounted on 4 castor tires with raising hooks as well as towing services. The plant is going to be suitable for external use. Proper protecting arrangement will probably be provided upon all this kind of parts, that are liable to trigger accident. The style of transformer vacuum machine is going to be such that components can be very easily replaced in case required.

VPS Vacuum Pump Machine for Transformer Drying

Vacuum Drying Machine comprises of highly effective pumping potential of vane vacuum pump and mechanical booster pump, with all required accessories to do the complete drying of transformers.

Components of Transformer Vacuum Machine

• A digital type vacuum meter

• A negative pressure vacuum gauge.

• a machine switch will be provided

• Piping: The pipes used will likely be fabricated moderate steel tubes and the important joints will have flanged and have engagement ring sealing shall be of nitrile rubber.

• Valves: vacuum device & bellows valves, dialectic valve, dampness trap and so on

• Control screen: All electric control equipment mains separating arrangement, beginner, contactors, preliminary lamp, press buttons, relays, indicating lights, metering along with interlocking stored in base sheet along with enclosure. The mimic flow chart with showing lamps within the control panel, almost all wiring might be neatly sent and all cables terminations would be suitably understand ferrules.

• Transformer Vacuum Drying Machine is going to be suitable for working on 220-480V, 3 phase, 4 wiring, 50/60HZ.

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