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Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant
Vacuum Evaporation Technology of Transformer Oil Purification Plant March 16,2017.

Most of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant adopts plane evaporation and the three-dimensional flashing evaporation to remove water under the negative pressure. Plane flashing uses the heating of the oil in the vacuum tank to dehydrate, which takes long dehydration time and capacity of dehydration is not good. Three-dimensional flashing technology extend the time of oil staying in vacuum tank to increase its dehydration function, but it should put a lot of reaction devices in vacuum tank , so that it reduces the volume of the vacuum tank, the more reactive devices, the less effective volume of the vacuum reaction. As we know that at certain temperature and vacuum conditions, bigger volume of vacuum tank brings better capacity of dehydration. Therefore, whatever the Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant adopts two-dimensional or three-dimensional or even four-dimensional flash evaporation technology, which can’t increase capacity of dehydration.

Mobile Trailer High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant

ACORE’s Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plants use of micro-gram technology, which can completely remove moisture from hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil, metal processing oil, gas tank sealing oil and other lubricants, this technology can greatly improve the corresponding treatment of lubricating oil after the corresponding indicators, and ensure that oil is used in high-grade machinery and equipment after filtration.

Today, most of manufacturers of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant use plane evaporation technology and three-dimensional flash technology to remove water. Not only the dehydration time is much long, but also the efficiency is bad. If the flat-flash technology can remove free water, three-dimensional flash can improve the efficiency of dehydration, and the micro-gram technology can fundamentally completely remove variety of water from oil.

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