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Vacuum Oil Purification Machine
Vacuum Oil Purification & Dehydration Machine of Transformer Oil March 14,2019.

The purpose of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine is to remove moisture and impurities from the oil to increase the strength of the insulating oil breakdown voltage. The insulating paper protects the oil and can improve the physical and chemical properties of the insulation oil.

The distribution of most power transformers is installed in outdoors environment, with higher external impurities of insulating oil and exposed to the air, and the equipment itself is subject to an operating temperature at which the quality of the oil is gradually deteriorated. After the insulating oil deteriorates, it will not be able to exert its proper insulation and cooling effect. In order to prevent oil deterioration, the quality deterioration of the distribution agreement is affected, and the oil sample is analyzed and analyzed regularly, and the oil analysis result is correspondingly operated normally because of safe operation. The petrochemical monitoring requirement for the inspection cycle is at least three years. Conventional inspection items include acid value, water soluble acid, flash point, and breakdown voltage of its external shape.

It should be noted that if the device is normally used with a relatively high load, the test frequency should be increased according to the test period; if the test has been significantly close to the limit under the control of certain parameters, it should increase the frequency of the test; The greatness of impurities due to changes in mass distillate and varying degrees of aging and other conditions is usually not simply assessed as a pilot project for oil-based countries. A comprehensive analysis should be carried out based on several indicators of the main characteristics of the measurement.

1. The super-limiting acid value is greater than 0.1 mg KOH/g or less. Possible reasons for more than 4 restrictions: overload; antioxidant consumption; making the wrong oil; oil contamination. Exceeding the limit of acid value can take the following measures: investigate the cause, increase the number of tests to measure the antioxidant content, and appropriately supplement, regenerate the transformer oil, if economically reasonable to do oil purification treatment.

2. The water-soluble acid has an ultra limit of less than 4.2. Possible reasons beyond the two extremes: oil aging; oil contamination. In addition to the limitation of water-soluble acid, the following measures may be taken: increase the test and compare the cause with the acid value. Recycled oil, a lot of work to change oil, if economic rationality.

3. The breakdown voltage limit is less than 20KV. Possible reasons for surpassing the two limits: excessive oil moisture; oil contamination particles contamination. The following measures can be taken when the breakdown voltage exceeds the limit: the cause is identified, the Vacuum Transformer Oil Dehydration Plant is processed, and the frame pressure type oil filter is used to process or replace the oil. Generally filtration processing of DVTP Transformer Oil Purification Machine is greater than the breakdown voltage of 70KV.

Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machin is a mechanical device that remove solid impurities and moisture in oil, improves oil quality and improves the insulation strength of transformer oil.

When the Transformer Oil Filter Machine is working, the oil enters the primary filter through the inlet under the action of the pressure difference between the inside and the outside, and the large particle impurities are filtered out. After the oil is heated by the multi-stage infrared, it enters the special personalized vacuum separator and is separated in the vacuum. The mist is formed in the first shape, and then formed into a film shape, so that the contact area in the vacuum is expanded by hundreds of times. The moisture in the oil is rapidly obtained under the conditions of high heat, high vacuum, large surface and high pumping speed. It is vaporized and discharged by a vacuum system.

The water vapor discharged from the upper part of the vacuum separator of Vacuum Transformer Oil Dehydration System is first cooled and dehumidified by the condenser, then cooled into the cooler, and the condensed water is discharged into the water storage device, and the gas after being condensed and dehumidified twice is finally discharged into the air by the vacuum pump.

The dry oil after vacuum dehydration in the vacuum separator of Transformer Oil Purification Machine is raised from the negative pressure to the positive pressure by the oil pump, and after filtration processing, the clean oil is discharged from the oil outlet to complete the entire oil purification process.

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