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Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification
Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification Plant April 2,2017.

ACORE technician designed and produced a professional Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification Plant after studying turbine fault and threat of safe running, it can purify turbine lube oil online at site and ensure the safe and reliable working of turbine sets. Following is technical introduction of Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification Plant, which can give customers a better understanding.

Technology of removing impurities:

pressure-type filter, normal filter and automatic backwash filter. The first two filters  are the most common technology of removing impurities, which needs the frequent replacement of the filter, so the cost is high. Automatic backwash filter technology, after removing impurities, it can wash filters automatically and don’t need to replace, it save time and reduce energy consumption.

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Technology of water separation

Vacuum distillation: the use of a vacuum pump, the water vapor pressure above the oil level drops to the temperature of the water vapor pressure, the water was evaporated from the oil. This method is better water removal, but requires a larger pump and electric heating, energy consumption.

Coalescence separation, oil-water separation characteristics use of separation, less energy consumption, the effect

Gravity separation or adding oil demulsifiers promote oil-water separation, but the separation is slow and requires a large volume of the tank;

The centrifugal separation device centrifugation, but high energy consumption, the effect can still separated, but containing more water separated, resulting in waste.

ACORE’s Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification Plant also uses automatic backwash filter, coalescence separation technology to optimize the combination of dehydration.

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