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VCF Cooking Oil Purifier
VCF Cooking Oil Purifier Working Specificiation August 15,2018.

VCF Cooking Oil Purifier is developed according to the common problems in solid-liquid separation and filtration in edible oil. It is developed by international advanced technology. The filter leaf adopts special stainless steel filter screen, which has long service life, large output and high precision. The mechanism has low oil content, easy operation and easy slag discharge. It is suitable for filtration and separation process of decolorizing, clarification and crystallizing in the production of oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, especially solving cottonseed and rapeseed in the oil industry. , ramie and other machine oil is difficult to filter, difficult to discharge slag and other issues.

VCF Cooking Oil Filtration Machine features long life, high output, high precision, no need for filter cloth, greatly reducing filtration costs.

VCF Cooking Oil Filtration Machine


1. No filter cloth or filter paper is needed, which greatly reduces the filtration cost.

2. Fully enclosed operation, environmental protection, no material loss.

3. Vibration slag greatly reduces labor intensity to achieve continuous operation.

4. Pneumatic valve slag discharge, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers.

5. The liquid residue or activated carbon (white clay) filtration or dewatering processing, can completely replace the plate and frame filter, is the preferred equipment in the filtration industry.

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