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Hydraulic Oil Filtration System
Waste Hydraulic Oil Filtration System April 6,2017.

Hydraulic Oil Filtration System mainly remove solid impurities oil, water and improve the performance of machinery and equipment. By pressure filtration or vacuum evaporation - pressure filtration to remove solid impurities are not pure oil and water filtration units. Hydraulic Oil Filtration System is mainly used to improve the purity of hydraulic lube oils.

According to structure, Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine has normal type, vacuum type, , regeneration type, centrifugal type and portable type.

Normal Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine type includes pre-filter, pump and filter sets. Pre-filter is a cylindrical metal mesh, not pure oil to prevent larger solid particles from entering the pump. Gear pump usually pumps, conveying not pure oil into the filter device. This hydraulic oil flushing machine only remove solid impurities and a small amount of water , which is suitable for general hydraulic lubricating oil. When the oil contains too much water and impurities, it should use vacuum hydraulic oil flushing machine.

VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

Hydraulic Oil Filtration System includes pre-filter, vacuum evaporation tank, oil pump, fine filter, condenser and vacuum pump and other components, impure oil at atmospheric pressure, the pre-filter into the vacuum evaporation tank. After the oil is heated to above 100 ℃ injected into the vacuum chamber, it becomes tiny droplets. Oil in the water quickly evaporated into water vapor condensed into the condenser discharge, non-condensed water vapor by the vacuum pump discharge to the atmosphere. Collected in the bottom of the vacuum evaporation cans, has evaporated dehydrated oil is fed to the filter device pump, solids in the filtered oil to further absorb trace water. Vacuum oil can significantly increase the effect of the removal of oil in the water, suitable for high-voltage electrical oil purification.

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