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CSF-30(1800L/H) Coalescer Fuel & Oil Purifier sales to Nigeria Auto Petroleum Co.Ltd

January 7,2020.

In 2018, Acore sold a CSF-30 Coalescer Fuel & Oil Purifier to Nigeria Auto Petroleum Co.Ltd, user is very satisfied with quality and performance. After filtration, the cleanness can reach ISO16/14/13. So in November 2019, the user ordered a CSF-30 Coalescence type Oil Purifier again. Because the user will use the CSF-30 Coalescer Fuel & Oil Filtration System to clean diesel fuel, we designed and manufacturer an explosion-proof electric elements, motors and sensors, etc. which can completely guarantee safe working. Meanwhile, Acore also has many components in stock, such as oil filters. So when user need them, we can send them to user immediately, which will not delay the filtration working of machine.

Coalescence & Separation Oil Purifier Coalescence & Separation Oil Purifier

Coalescence & Separation Oil Purifier

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